Complex of Qalwoon

The pearl of Al-Moez Street, an architectural masterpiece dating back to the Mamluk era, is the group of Sultan Al-Mansur Qalawun, which he ordered built out of his strong love for Islamic architecture. And luxury.

Dome and mausoleum of Al-Mansur Ibn Qalawun
The dome is considered the second most beautiful mausoleum in the world after the Taj Mahal in India, and it is one of the finest examples of Ottoman domes in Cairo, whether in its unique and distinguished planning or in the diversity of its architectural and decorative elements. Before the death of Sultan Qalawun, it was considered a mosque and a school together, but after When he died, those around him decided to establish a burial ground and a Maqam, and the dome overlooks the right exterior facade of the complex.

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part of Islamic Cairo

In 1776 AD, the Ottoman governor, Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda, demolished the original dome of the shrine, due to its danger on the road. However, the Committee for the Preservation of Arab Antiquities set up one in its place that resembles the dome of the shrine of Al-Ashraf Khalil, which was close to the original dome.

The school is one of the most beautiful Mamluk schools built in the city of Cairo, which has not been repeated in Islamic architecture in Egypt. Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun built at its facade a small avenue that still exists, now.

The minaret, which is the largest minaret built in Egypt, consists of a square base topped by a square part, then the first balcony above it is a smaller square part until the second balcony, octagonal in shape, topped by a round part containing stone decorations, ending in the shape of an open flower to be a canopy for the balcony of the second call to prayer. The top of the minaret is punctuated by wooden beams to suspend the means of lighting.


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