5 Days Egypt Luxury Tour Package

Price Starting From : $1099

Туристические пакеты в Египет Мы предлагаем широкий выбор туров в Египет, но этот 5-дневный пакет роскошных туров в Египет - лучший способ исследовать наш прекрасный Египет и узнать больше о волшебных достопримечательностях нашей древней цивилизации. Вы отправитесь на лучшие экскурсии по Каиру, такие как замечательная экскурсия по пирамидам Гизы и экскурсия в Египетский музей во время ваших роскошных индивидуальных туров по Египту, а мы позаботимся о том, чтобы вы прекрасно провели время в лучших и самых фантастических отелях Каира, Асуана и Луксора, где вы будете потрясены великолепием Карнакского храма и Долины царей. Держите глаза широко открытыми, исследуя лучшие достопримечательности Египта в рамках этого замечательного тура Egypt Luxury Private Tours, который приведет вас к великолепным храмам Абу-Симбела.


  • Встреча и сопровождение в аэропортах Каира, Луксора и Асуана представителями Cairo Top Tours.
  • Ваше размещение на 2 ночи в Kempinski Nile Hotel Garden City Cairo, включая постель и завтрак.
  • Ваше размещение на 1 ночь в Асуане, включая завтрак.
  • Ваше размещение на 1 ночь в Луксоре, включая завтрак.
  • Билеты на внутренний рейс из Каира в Асуан и обратный рейс из Луксора в Каир.
  • Входные билеты на все археологические достопримечательности, указанные в маршруте вашего 5-дневного тура по Египту.
  • Вкусные обеды в восточных ресторанах во время экскурсий по Каиру.
  • Все трансферы в/из аэропортов, отелей и во время экскурсий по Египту будут организованы на частном некурящем автомобиле с кондиционером.
  • Все обзорные экскурсии по Каиру, экскурсии в Луксор и экскурсии в Асуан являются строго частными.
  • Бутылка воды и безалкогольные напитки во время дневных туров по Египту.
  • Остановки для перекуса по запросу.
  • Прохладительный напиток в местном кафе в Луксоре или Асуане, если у нас есть время во время всех наших туристических пакетов по Египту.
  • Англоговорящие сертифицированные гиды во время ваших частных туров класса люкс по Египту.
  • Питание в отелях и местных ресторанах, как указано в вышеуказанном маршруте.
  • Шоппинг-туры в Каире, Луксоре и Асуане (по запросу).
  • Все сервисные сборы и налоги включены в стоимость частных туров класса люкс по Египту.
  • Международные авиабилеты.
  • Виза для въезда в Египет.
  • Любые факультативные экскурсии в Каире, Луксоре или Асуане.
  • Напитки во время приема пищи.
  • Стоимость тура не распространяется на пиковый сезон туров в Египет на Пасху, Египет на Рождество.
  • Чаевые.

Upon your arrival at Cairo international airport, our representative from Cairo Top Tours will be waiting for you, with your name written on a signboard. They will then accompany you to your hotel by a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Upon arriving at the hotel, you will be given a drink to welcome you. Your 5 Days Egypt Luxury Tour Package itinerary will be revised to make sure all pick-up times and excursions in Egypt are on schedule.
Overnight in Cairo


Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel before meeting your accredited Egyptologist to enjoy your tour of the Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum.
Start off the tour with the Giza Pyramids tour to witness the grandeur of the ancient Egyptian rulers who built immense structures to serve as burial tombs and their eternal houses through the afterlife. Just by looking at the great pyramids of Giza, you can imagine how advanced and prosperous were the Egyptians during the old kingdom especially the 4th dynasty of Egypt's history.

Your personal Egyptologist will explain the history of the era of the pyramids and the significance of ancient Egyptian religion while standing beside the tallest building in the world until the construction of the Lincoln Cathedral in 1311 A.D. The pyramid was built during the reign of King Cheops around 2500 B.C. and the two smaller pyramids belong to his son Chephren and Mycerinus who was his grandson.

Move to the plateau to get a panoramic view while having an adventurous camel ride around Giza Pyramids (optional activity) while your Bedouin guide takes amazing photos for you.

Visit the Great Sphinx which was carved from one stone block to symbolize power and authority as it takes the shape of a man-headed lion and the Valley Temple of King Chephren where his body was mummified before burial.

Move now to the famous Tahrir Square to see the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities inside the Egyptian Museum which is composed of two floors, the section where the golden collection of King Tutankhamen will amaze you.

You will enjoy your lunch in a good quality restaurant before being transferred to the airport to take your flight to Aswan. Meet our representative at Aswan airport and transfer to your hotel for check-in and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Our certified tour guide will meet you at your hotel lobby to start your marvelous day Tour to Abu Simbel from Aswan. You will be transferred to enjoy the best Aswan excursions to the temple of Abu Simbel which was cut into the mountain by King Ramses II who created these majestic temples for his beloved wife Queen Nefertari and himself, the temples are among the treasures of ancient Egyptian architecture that reflect the power of the new kingdom kings, the temple is dedicated to the cow Goddess of love and music Hathor.

After having enough time visiting the temple, you will have your tasty lunch and then be transferred to the Luxor hotel overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Begin your interesting Luxor east and west bank tours after breakfast at the hotel as your certified Egyptologist and private driver will be expecting you at your hotel to experience one of our top-recommended Luxor excursions.

Starting with Luxor west bank tours, enjoy a visit to the Colossi of Memnon. These imposing statues weighing in at over 1000 tons were built for Amenhotep III, and give you a complete overview of Luxor sightseeing. Continuing on your journey, visit the Temple of El Deir El Bahri and the Valley of the Kings, where you'll find rock-cut tombs exclusively for the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered intact in 1922, and there are more than 62 tombs for the kings of Egypt on this fascinating excursion.

After lunch, you'll resume your tours of Luxor's East Bank. Then, you'll visit the Temple of Karnak, which is said to be the largest man-made religious and administrative complex in the world. It was created by different eras of the era of the pharaohs for 2000 years.

After completing the Luxor day tours, you will be transferred to Luxor airport to take your flight to Cairo, our representative will meet you at the airport to transfer you to the hotel.

Overnight in Cairo

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Cairo Airport to board your final departure on your Egypt Luxury Private Tours.

(Optional Sunrise Camel Ride in Giza Pyramids)

Meals: Breakfast

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