Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt

the use of cosmetics in ancient Egypt differed slightly between social classes, with members of the upper class wearing more make-up because wealthy individuals could buy more cosmetics. Although there is no clear difference between the make-up styles of the upper and lower class noblewoman have been known to pale their skin with creams and powder. Dark skin was associated with the lower class, which become brown due to working in the sun, while pale skin was associated with nobles

The ancient Egyptians considered beauty a sign of holiness. Everything they used had a spiritual side to it, including cosmetics. both men and women put on make-up. Merchants Often traded make-up, especially in the upper classes.

in tombs, cosmetics were found buried in gold with the deceased as funerary goods, further emphasizing the idea that cosmetics were not only used for aesthetic purposes but for magical and religious purposesMedicinal Uses of the ancient Egyptians created a treatment for burns by mixing the cheek and lip stain with red natron, northern salt, and honey. However, they strongly believed that the therapeutic effects of these preparations were magical, not medicinal. surprisingly, there are benefits already.

one of the most important benefits is that make-up contains lead salts, and skin causes the body to produce more nitric oxide. nitric oxide is known to fight disease-causing bacteria. therefore, the Egyptians were less susceptible to disease or infection...

Chemistry edit the two main forms of eye makeup are gibbons and black eyeliner Green eye paint is made from malachite, a copper carbonate pigment, and black kohl is made from gallons, a dark gray raw material. pulverized coal was also used in this process. madam or kohl was used to line the eyes and it was found that it brings with it powerful health benefits in the form of protection from diseases, bugs, and sunlight.....


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