10 Days Adventure with a safari tour

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Egypt 9 Nights 10 Days Adventure with a safari tour

On this Egypt desert safari tour, you’ll be able to explore the breathtaking landscapes, temples, and tombs of Egypt’s ancient history. You’ll also get to experience the diverse culture of this country, from its lively nightlife to its traditional markets. 

You’ll get to explore some of the country’s most impressive archaeological sites with our Egypt travel packages, such as the Giza Plateau and the Great Sphinx with our Cairo day tours. You’ll also get to visit the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Colossi of Memnon with our Luxor day tours.

This 9-night and 10-day Egypt safari tour will allow you to explore an incredible country like never before with our Egypt trips. You’ll get to experience the beauty of Egypt’s ancient history, its vibrant culture, and its stunning landscapes. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Discover some of the unexplored and most remote areas of Egypt.


Meet and assist services at the Airports by Cairo Top Tours tour leaders.

Your accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel for 4 nights in on bed & breakfast.

Accommodation for 2 nights in Luxor for a 5-star hotel on bed & breakfast..

Accommodation in Aswan for 2 nights in on bed & breakfast.

Accommodation in Aswan for 1 nights on bed & breakfast.

All transports from and to the airport, hotel, and during your tours by a private nonsmoking air-conditioned vehicle.

Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites during your trip.

Internal flight tickets from Cairo to Luxor and back from Aswan to Cairo.

An English-speaking tour guide will accompany you during the tours.

Meals will be served as shown in the Egypt Tour 10 Days itinerary.

Bottled water and soft drinks during Egypt Day Tours.

Stops for snacks upon request.

Try local tea mint or coffee in one of the most famous cafes in Cairo, such as El-Fishawy or Layali El-Hussein.

Shopping Tours in Cairo. (if you are interested).

All taxes and service charges are included in your trip cost.


International flight tickets.

Entry visa to Egypt.

Any extra activities that are not mentioned in the itinerary. 

Beverage during meals.

The tipping kitty is not included in the 10 Day Trip to Egypt prices.

At the Cairo airport, one of our agents will greet you and transporting you to giza pyramids to start our day trip. Your first trip will be to the Giza Plateau, home to the Giza Pyramids, one of the few remaining wonders of the ancient world. You explore the Pyramids and take in the expansive vistas from the western plateau before making your way down the valley to the great Sphinx, who proudly serves as the Mortuary complex's guardian.

Then, we'll go to one of Egypt's largest Governmental Papyrus Institutes and its sponsored store, which is close to the Pyramids, where you can watch a demonstration of how the ancient paper known as papyrus is manufactured and select from a vast array of hand-painted papyrus sheets.

as a result, Take advantage of a wonderful orientation tour of Cairo that includes the important landmarks of Old Cairo and the confusing labyrinth of alleyways and booths of the ancient

Visit Old Cairo to see the Hanging Church, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Church of St. Barbara, and the Church of Abu Serga, one of the first Coptic Cairo, among other notable Cairo landmarks.

Lunch will be given in an Old Cairo restaurant.

Continue on to one of the Middle East's oldest bazaars, Khan el-Khalili. Learn about the confusing network of alleys that has served as Cairo's commercial hub since the 14th century.
return you to your hotel after that check-in and stay the night

Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel after breakfast, help you check out so you can make your flight to Luxor from Cairo, and then drive you to your hotel in Luxor so you can unwind before our trip begins.

After picking you up from your hotel , we'll head to the Luxor Museum, which is the second most popular museum in the nation, trailing only the Cairo Egyptian Museum in terms of visitors.

Items discovered during excavations at several historically significant locales in the area, including the Luxor and Karnak temples, can be found in this museum. The vast collection includes items including jewellery, ceramics, statues, and stone tablets. The statue of Thutmose III, the painting from the Karnak temple, and Tutankhamun's personal effects are just a few of the museum's masterpieces.

Our next trip is the Mummification Museum, which is guarded by the jackal-headed god Anubis. This museum, which was opened in 1997, describes the 70-day process of mummification and will explain the bizarre rite to you, including the origin of the tools or the social marginalisation experienced by those who worked on the remains.

We'll transport you back to your hotel after this fascinating history lecture.

To begin your day trip of the West Bank of Luxor, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel after breakfast. You will first be taken to the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of Luxor, which is the Necropolis of Thebes. Travelers to Luxor must view this ancient necropolis. It consists of tombs buried within Thebes Mountain. Three tombs from various dynasties are visited here. Which tombs to visit can be suggested and advised by your Egyptologist tour guide. You will be taken to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut after touring the graves. You will next be taken to see the Colossi of Memnon, which are the two biggest ancient statues in Egypt

then have lunch at a local restaurant and return you back to your hotel

After breakfast today, we will check out, and go to Kom Ombo and Edfu. You can see the Temple of Kom Ombo in Kom Ombo, which honors the crocodile god Sobek. Following this visit, you set sail towards Edfu. You will be taken to visit Horus, the falcon-headed divinity, in the Temple of Horus there. This pharaonic temple, which is relatively new, has been properly kept and is consequently highly spectacular. We'll take you to your Aswan hotel in the evening so check-in and may spend the night there.

at morning after breakfast, our tour guide pick you up to visit The Aswan High Dam, often known as the Aswan Dam since the 1960s, is an embankment dam that was constructed in Aswan, Egypt, spanning the Nile. Its importance far outweighed that of the earlier Aswan Low Dam, which was initially built downstream in 1902. Following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, the government made building the High Dam a top priority based on the Low Dam's success, which was then being used to its fullest capacity. The dam's ability to better control flooding, provide more water storage for irrigation, and produce hydroelectricity was seen as essential to Egypt's planned industrialization. The High Dam has had a tremendous impact on Egypt's economy and culture, much like the earlier implementation. then have a lunch at a local restaurant.

after that, take an air-conditioned van on an Abu Simbel day trip from Aswan. The two temples at Abu Simbel are regarded as the pinnacles of ancient Egypt because of their distinctive architecture. They display the splendor and majesty of the future Kingdom. In order to safeguard these temples from flood, the Egyptian government and UNESCO made the decision to work together. The four global gods Ptah, Re-Her-Akhtey, Amun-Re, and Ramesses II were honored at the temple that bears their names. The Sun Temple of Ramses II is another name for the enormous Abu Simbel temple.

In a symbolic fashion, Ramesses II, Nefertari, Hathor, and the Sun God are united as one in the Temple of Queen Nefertari, which is also known as the Temple of Hathor because she was the Sun God's wife. Spend about three hours there before returning to Aswan hotel, overnight.

Check out after breakfast, and then our tour guide will pick you up to see One of the most attractive temple complexes in all of Egypt is the Philae Temple . You must take a water taxi to the island of Aglika, which is just south of the old Aswan Dam, to get to the ruins. After the High Dam was built, threatening to permanently drown the temple, it was moved to its current location. The complex's original design and layout were scrupulously preserved during the cautious reconstruction at the current location, which even included landscaping the island to reflect its old location. As the epicentre of the goddess Isis' devotion, Philae gained fame during the Ptolomaic Dynasty.

 After finishing your tour, you'll be dropped off at Aswan airport to catch your flight to Cairo. when you arrive Cairo transfer to your Cairo hotel,check-in and overnight

Our Bahariya Oasis Tour begins with a transfer from Cairo to Bahariya Oasis by our tour leader. After enjoying a walk around the old village, a trip to the Black Mountains, and a stop at the salt lake, you'll continue your Oasis Tour by visiting the famous Mummies Hall, The Golden Mummies, and the temple of Ain El Muftella. An English-speaking tour guide will be with you throughout your Oasis Tour, and lunch will be
then transport you back to your hotel in Cairo for the night.

After breakfast, our tour guide picks you up to explore Alexandria's important Greco-Roman remains as you learn about the city's classical past. Visit the Serapeum, a temple that houses Pompey's Pillar, a red granite column, and then go below to the creepy Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa. The neighbouring mosaics and immaculately restored Roman amphitheatre are not to be missed.

then proceed to the waterfront for a feast of seafood from the Mediterranean.

Next, explore the Citadel of Qaitbay, a marine fort constructed in the 15th century on the location of the historic Lighthouse of Alexandria.

The underwater archaeology exhibitions at the National Museum of Alexandria will transport you back in time to the ancient world.

after that On a tour of the city's street foods, explore the diverse world of Egyptian cuisine, which draws inspiration from Ottoman and Arab traditions. Along with kebabs, mixed grills, meze dips, and shellfish, enjoy delicacies like koshary, a zesty concoction of lentils, noodles, and sour tomato sauce. Ice cream and sweet pastries to finish.

then drive you to your hotel in Alexandria so you can check in and stay the night.

After breakfast and check-out in the morning, our tour guide will take you up to see. The Great Library of Alexandria served as the hub for study in the ancient world for many years. Start the day by taking a tour of the stunning new Library of Alexandria, which replaced it. Next, visit a couple of Alexandria's most well-known mosques, probably the Nabi Daniel Mosque and the Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque.

then, take a ride down the corniche to the Montazah Palace Gardens and cross the Stanley Bridge.We'll drive to Cairo in the evening, where we'll drop you off at your hotel and stay the night.

After breakfast at your hotel you will be transferred to Cairo Airport for your departure flight 

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Egypt Tours FAQ

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There are many different kinds of desert safari tours available in Egypt, including day trips, overnight camping trips, and lengthy multi-day journeys. You can pick the option that best fits your schedule and preferences.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, a refillable water bottle, and any medications you may need are all essential. Don't forget your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery!

Yes, there are options for short or day trips in the Egyptian desert. You can opt for a full-day trip, which gives you a chance to enjoy the safari experience without having to stay for a long time in the area. These shorter trips usually cover major tourist attractions and offer visitors a chance to discover the beauty of the desert and its wildlife.

Activities that may be included in short trips include:

  1. Half-day desert excursions.
  2. Safari by car or camel.
  3. Desert walking experience.
  4. Oasis tea experience.
  5. Sunset excursions.

Even though many nations are excluded from needing a visa to enter Hurghada, you will need a complete tourist visa to exit the town's boundaries.


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