Damietta Governorate Egypt | Damietta Governorate History

Damietta governorate may be a tiny province set within the extreme northeast of Egypt within the delta region. it's sparsely inhabited with slightly quite one million folks. Damietta is split into body sub-districts: Damietta Central, Faraskur Central, Az Zarqa Central and Kafr Saad Central. These four body centers, or "Markaz" in Arabic, altogether carries with it ten cities, thirty five native village units, fifty nine villages, and 722 sub-villages.

The main supply of financial gain for Damietta governorate is the production of varied furnishings products, that are exported to alternative countries within the Mideast, the EU, and therefore the USA. thanks to the abundance of palm trees, Damietta governorate conjointly earns heaps by commercialism giant amounts palm trees to alternative foreign countries. the highest 2 tree importers from Damietta are Greece and China. Damietta is additionally celebrated for the widespread cultivation of wheat, rice, maize, cotton, potatoes, lemon, grapes, and tomatoes.

In fact, Damietta provides a major quantity of Egypt's domestic food. Among the opposite major flourishing industries of this region, the preparation of dry sweets, the packaging of sardines, and therefore the manufacture of Domiati cheese and alternative farm products also are outstanding. there's conjointly the Segas Liquified gas Plant, which may be a venture of a Spanish utility company, an associate Italian company, and 2 Egyptian energy corporations. Recently, the Egyptian branch of a Canadian company has conjointly created an outsized alcohol plant here.

This town was named Tamiat in ancient Egypt. it absolutely was later dominated by the Romans and so seized by the Arabs in the seventh century AD. the Fifth Crusade was fought between the French and therefore the Egyptians for the management of this town because it is placed in an associate advantageous position close to the Nile River. In fact, the trendy name of this port town is noninheritable from Damietta watercourse, which may be a channel of the Nile River. Damietta town is especially celebrated for its varied guava trees and palm trees, that line the whole coastal region, from Ras El Bar to Gamesa. Ras El Bar is one of the earliest designed summer resorts in Egypt, and is found at the meeting purpose of the Nile River and therefore the Mediterranean Sea.

many historical mosques within the Damietta town space also are notable traveler attractions, thanks to their splendid design and historical and non-secular importance; Amr Ibn Al-as house of worship, Al-Bahr house of worship, Al-Maainy house of worship, Al-Matbuly house of worship and Al-Radwaniya house of worship ar the foremost outstanding mosques within the space. They were all built by the traditional Arab rulers of Egypt. The ruins of Damietta Fort conjointly attract large traveler interest, chiefly thanks to their ancient date and historical importance.


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