Goddess Mut | Egyptian Goddess of Heaven

Wife of Amun, her name means both "Mother" and "Death". She is the mother of the gods in ancient Egypt. Her pronunciation and name have changed over thousands of years in various cultures and civilizations. Incarnated as a lioness, she is often depicted as a queen with a vulture-stripped headdress and white crown, or double crown.

Goddess Mut 

Mut, the goddess of heaven who had the wind god Amun as her husband, due to her name is known as the mother of all creation, she and her husband were idolized in Thebes, represented with a double crown and an ornament in the form of a vulture on top of it, he was seen wearing a bright blue or red suit and in his hands, he carried a papyrus and the ankh that was the key to life.

She was also recognized as a world mother, eye of Ra, and lady of heaven, they also represented her through hieroglyphs as a vulture for being considered maternal animals.

This divinity was shown with wings for being the deity of the firmament among all the Egyptian gods, she was also frequently seen as a cow behind her husband or as a lioness for being a warrior.

Her children were the Mantu god of war and the Khonsu moon god, due to the appearance of the latter it was said that she was between the sun and the moon which formed the Theban triad.

Egyptian Goddess of Heaven

In this way, the sun was represented by her husband Amun-Ra and the moon god Khonsu, which is why Mut symbolizes the third eye that reveals the universal superiority which cooperated in the flood of the Nile.

This goddess was requested in the book of the dead to prevent a mummy from rotting, a few words were said holding an image of her that had 3 heads: the first was the head of the goddess Pajet, ''a minor Egyptian deity, from the time of the Middle Kingdom'' with two feathers, then it was a human head with two crowns and finally a vulture head with two feathers.

She also had a temple in the kingdom of Amun near the Temple of Karnak, where a crescent-shaped lake was seen where they worshiped it in its feline form.


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