King Intef I

Intef I, this pharaoh is considered the first prince of the six princes of which the eleventh family is formed. In the first transition period. They were the ones who ruled half the country almost 143 years before the advent of the Twelfth Dynasty.

This king reigned on Egyptian land at the beginning of the eleventh Dynasty and also known as Intef I, Sehertauy Intef, or Antef I, some historians consider him the founder of this dynasty, others as the second pharaoh.

Probably he has ruled in co-regency with his father Mentuhotep I. Egypt was a divided country and this pharaoh tried to rule in a single land under his control. He engaged the support of the southern regions by ruling over Upper Egypt with capital Thebes (Luxor nowadays).

King Intef I faced king Neferkara on several occasions, in that period of history the land of Egypt was affected by great periods of famine, in one of the wars, Intef was victorious but dies shortly after. He conquered several cities north of Thebes such as el-Kaab and Dendera.

Some kings who succeeded, for example, Thutmose III in the Chamber of Ancestors in the 18th dynasty. It is believed that he died young and was buried on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor. A relief shows him together with Intef II and Intef III in the Temple of God Montu - (god of war) in Tod on the east bank of the Nile in Luxor - making offerings.

King Intef I (Sehertawy) extend his area beyond Theban (Fourth) Nome to the south of Thebes down to Elephantine by acquiring three nomes by conquering. King Intef reigned from 4 to 16 years during which time he probably conducted the war with his northern neighbor, the Coptite nomarch Tjauti. King Intef was buried in a safe tomb at El-Tarif.

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