Ptolemy IV: King Ptolemy IV

He was the third oldest son of King Ptolemaic, Philopator, Ptolemy IV, was the reigning Roman Emperor, Philopator, Philopator, Philopator.

Ptolemy IV: King Ptolemy IV 

the real name of him is  Philopatorhe was the old son of the third Ptolemy king her mother was  Berniki the second and he married Arsenoy the third but the second wife of his father didn't like him also he had a week personality that made them take an easily thought killing him and kill his mother assumed the throne at the age of twenty-four. He was weak in character and the actual ruler of the country was his mother Onin. However, Ptolemy's mother, was dissatisfied with her son's behavior and wished to replace him with his younger brother, Magas. As a result, his mother was poisoned, and his brother and uncle were also killed. During his reign, the Fourth Syrian War took place when the Syrian King Antiochus III attempted to invade Egypt. And Egypt fell during his reign as a state and followed Syria after it was occupied by the army of Antiochus III.

The Egyptian soldiers revolted against the rule of Ptolemy, and a kingdom in Upper Egypt was established under the rule of the Egyptian king Harmachis or sometimes known as Horwanefer, then King Nakhmis Ankmachis for 20 years between 205 and 185 BC - as the delta separated under the rule of revolutionaries and Egyptian army soldiers after the battle Rafah and the civil war continued for many years until the value of the currency fell, and Ptolemy used mercenaries. It seems that Ptolemy played the religious card and persuaded the priests to cooperate with him and recorded on the famous Rosetta Stone his thanks to the priests of Egypt.

His relationship with Rome
In 210 BC, Hannibal's attack on Italy began and almost completely destroyed the Roman Empire, and destroyed Italian agriculture for a whole decade, and during this period Rome was getting supplies of wheat from Egypt and that is why Egypt was called the wheat basket of Rome.


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