"Experience the Magic of Siwa Oasis in Just 6 Days and 5Nights from Cairo!"

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Only 60 kilometers from the Lybian border, 350 kilometers from Marsa Matrouh on Egypt's north coast, and roughly 600 kilometers from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the urban oasis of Siwa, which is situated in a depression 10 meters below sea level between the Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea

Discover the enchanting beauty of Egypt's Siwa Oasis on a 6-day and 5-night adventure from Cairo! From the Great Sand Sea of the Sahara Desert to the majestic salt lakes, experience a journey with our Egypt Travel Package. Experience true discovery and relaxation with our Egypt classic tours.

Visit the incredible temples and monuments of the oasis with our Egypt desert safari tours, explore the secret desert beauty, and enjoy a traditional Bedouin dinner under the stars. This incredible journey is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

  • Cairo-based pick-up and drop-off service
  • English-speaking private tour guide Egyptologist
  • Entry charge to each of the places mentioned
  • Meals begin with lunch on the first day and conclude with lunch (the last day)
  • From leaving Cairo till you return, all beverages
  • Every transfer is made in a private, air-conditioned car.
  • Wonderful safari adventure in a 4x4 vehicle.
  • Bedouin meals served in a tented setting 3 days in a hotel in Siwa
  • 1 full-board camping trip in the desert
  • 2 days in Cairo Pyramids Hotel accommodation.
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Tipping

Time of pick-up from the Cairo airport. Then take a break for coffee on the way to the Siwa oasis in a contemporary, air-conditioned vehicle. Upon arrival, our tour guide will assist you in checking into your hotel so you can unwind and spend the night.

Breakfast is offered in hotels.

At 7:00 am, the hotel is picked up. The Alexander the Great Temple, also known as the Temple of the Oracle, is the first landmark you'll encounter in Siwa today. Alexander the Great is believed to have consulted the Siwan oracle to confirm that he was Zeus' son. The Greek gods travelled through a wide expanse of desert to the Siwa oasis with their entourage. After that, head to the nearby salt lake.proceed to Cleopatra's bath (the spring of the sun). According to myth, Cleopatra once swam here. After that, head to the Amun temple, also known as the Umm Ubaydah temple, which is situated around 200 metres from the Temple of the Oracle. Nectanebo, the 30th Dynasty pharaoh, constructed the temple. Visit Gebel Al Mawta last. at the Abdo Restaurant, (taste the Siwan dish),


then You can have a great time swimming in the salt lake since the water makes you float above it. The Great Sand Sea will then be encountered as you continue to explore the desert. Using a Jeep 4x4, Take a dip in the hot and cold springs. Waheed B. We drink some authentic Bedouin tea as evening falls before setting up tent for the night and having a barbeque meal. If you prefer to stay in a hotel versus a tent, you can still do so. There are excellent eco-lodges in Siwa.

According to Egypt 360, breakfast is given at the Camp at 7:00 and is followed by a trip back to Siwa Oasis. After touring the Shali Fort and having some free time for shopping, drive to the conical Mountain of the Dead, which is a little more than a kilometre to the north of Shali. Gebel Al- Mawta has four tombs that are worth visiting. They come from the Ptolemaic, Roman, and 26th Dynasty periods and are carved into the mountainside.

We are going to Fatnas Lake. You can travel by foot or bicycle to the little island of Fatnas belonging to Birket Siwa. It's a great place to unwind and watch the sunset over the lake because Gebel Bayda and Hamra, which create a lovely backdrop to the west, are nearby. While wandering through the garden, it's possible to spot trees of all shapes and sizes, including banana, date, and olive trees. After that, a vehicle will transport you to your lodging.

You can spend additional time at Siwa before going to Cairo. Consider sampling some of Siwa's world-famous dates, olives, jellies, and syrups. Herbs that are peaceful and restorative, teas, well-known lamps, and goods produced entirely of salt from the Siwa salt lakes are also on the list. then transport you to your accommodation in Cairo.

One of our professional tour guides will pick up the customer from their hotel in Cairo and then drive them in a private, contemporary car to the Giza pyramids to start your full-day excursion. Before enjoying a 20-minute camel ride to discover more about the history of Egypt, see the Great Pyramid of King Cheops at the Giza Pyramids, also called the "Famous Pyramids of Egypt." Your guide will then drive you to the Valley Temple, also known as the "Mummification Temple," where King Chephren's dead body was mummified and where you can enjoy a panoramic view of all the pyramids, following which you will be dropped off at your hotel.

and our tutorial will show you how to snap some great photos and choose the finest locations for shooting memorable moments. Photos Drinks are not included with the free lunch at a neighbouring restaurant. We depart from the Giza pyramids and travel to Cairo City Center. Before going back to your hotel, you visit the Egyptian Museum, one of the biggest museums in the world, and witness a tonne of real sculptures as well as King Tutankhamun's riches.

After breakfast, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the Cairo airport for your flight home.

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You need to know more about Egypt, because it's a huge country. If you'd like to visit all the attractions, such as the most famous sites in Upper Egypt and the pyramids of Giza, we recommend a guided tour lasting several days, taking advantage of this magical experience in the Siwa Oasis from Cairo. This will ensure that you don't miss any of the most remarkable sites in this enchanting country.

If circumstances change, we recognize that you might need to reschedule your trip. Depending on how close to your arrival date is, the following cancellation penalties may apply. If you cancel between the time of booking and 61 days before your arrival, you will be charged 15% of the entire tour price. -If you decide to cancel between 60 and 31 days ahead of your arrival, you will be charged 25% of the entire tour cost. If you cancel between 30 and 15 days before your arrival, you will be charged 50% of the total tour cost. -If you decide to cancel between 14 and 1 day before your scheduled arrival, you will be charged 100% of the total tour cost.

We advise wearing comfortable "resort casual" attire. In the daytime, males should wear casual clothes like shorts and t-shirts or light shirts. In the evening, they should wear slacks and a light shirt.  Although not needed, coats and ties are permitted. For ladies, we suggest capri trousers, t-shirts, blouses/shirts, over-the-knee length skirts or dresses with shoulders covered, and a light jacket or sweater for the evening. Bring a sun hat and a bathing suit. For all visitors, we suggest closed-toe sandals with sturdy treads and comfortable walking shoes.  Before leaving, we'll provide you a list of things to pack.



The majority of Egypt's historical sites and museums permit photography, however some of them charge extra if you bring a camera inside. Photography is not permitted in several historical monuments and museums, such as the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, and visitors are asked to leave their cameras at the front desk before entering.



Giftun Island is accessible by boat. you can take a day tour on our Giftun Island Snorkeling Trip in Hurghada day tours offer boat trips to Giftun Island for snorkeling and relaxation.

Egypt is renowned for its iconic attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and the temples of Luxor and Karnak.

Yes, classic Egypt tours often include a visit to Luxor. Luxor is one of the most prominent tourist cities in Egypt and contains many important temples and archaeological sites. Among the attractions that can be visited in Luxor:

Valley of the Kings:

It contains the tombs of the magnificent Pharaonic kings.
Luxor Temple:

A huge temple dedicated to the worship of the god Amun-Ra.
Karnak Temple:

A huge temple dedicated to the worship of three gods: Amun, Mut, and Khonsu.
The magnificent temple in the city of Luxor:

A magnificent Pharaonic temple showing important architectural influences.
Valley of the Workers:

It houses the tombs and temples of royal workers.


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