Ptolemy kings in Egypt from (VIIII - XII)

The era of Ptolemy in Egypt has been marked by many governance disputes and is referred to as unstable times. The kings of Petolmy were concerned about internal conflicts and lost sight of their true region mission.

Ptolemy kings in Egypt from (VIIII - XII)

Ptolemaic dynasty family tree has much of thorny things, The Ptolemy period in Egypt had a lot of  struggles over governance  so it is considered an unstable era, Petolmy kings were preoccupied with the internal conflicts between them  so they forgot the real mission of in-country  


Ptelomy VIIII is the eldest son of Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra III. He occupied the position as a high priest for the worship of Alexander before his reign and then, after that, he was appointed governor of Cyprus. He married his sister Cleopatra IV at the end of his father’s reign, then he was elected co-king with Cleopatra III against her will in 116 BC. He divorced Cleopatra the fourth and married his second sister, Cleopatra Selene. (the moon). He was forced to accept his brother Ptolemy X as a co-king in 110 BC, and a revolt against him in the year 108-107 BC forced him to flee to Cyprus and from there to Syria. Although he lost his support in Egypt when Cleopatra Selene divorced him, he was able, with the help of the Seleucids, to invade Cyprus and Palestine, and then return to Egypt in 89-88 BC with the help of his mother. He entrusted his daughter, Cleopatra Bernique, with the mandate of his reign in 88 BC, after the death of his brother Ptolemy X, and ruled Egypt alone until his death.

Ptolemy X is the younger brother of Ptolemy IX and his title is Alexander the First, and he ruled Cyprus from 116 to 110 BC when his mother summoned him to rule Egypt with her after a revolt by the Alexandrians. After the death of his mother, he married his niece, Cleopatra Bernique. At that stage, a military revolution erupted on him that forced him to flee to Syria, but he was able to return to Egypt and restore his kingdom and pay his life for his return, as he was killed in the last battles of his return in 89-88 BC.

Ptolemy XI was the son of Ptolemy X from an unknown husband, whose title was Alexander II. The Roman ruler Sulla entrusted him with ruling Egypt in partnership with his father's husband, Cleopatra Bernique, but he killed her twenty days after his marriage to her, and the Alexandrians killed him as a result, despite being the last legitimate heir of the Ptolemaic family, according to the sources. He was succeeded by his cousin Ptolemy XII.

 Ptolemy XII managed to recapture Ptolemaic Egypt and his sister - his rival, Bernice IV - was killed. Upon his death, his daughter Cleopatra VII and his son Ptolemy the Thirteenth succeeded him as co-rulers, in fulfillment of his will.


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