King Thutmose IV

Thutmosis IV, the eighth of the eighteenth dynasty of pharaohs, in ancient Egypt, and son of King Amenhotep II and Queen TA, built a funerary temple southwest of the temple of his father Amenhotep II, and "Horemheb" in the eighth year of his reign repaired and restored the tomb of Thutmose IV. In the Valley of the Kings, the mummy of this king was transferred to the tomb of Amenhotep II during the reign of the XXI dynasty.

He was the grandfather of Akhenaten. He ruled for 8 or 9 years. is probably most famous for his "Dream Stela, that can still today be found between the paws of the great Sphinx at Giza. Dreams were important in ancient Egypt and were considered to be divine predictions of the future. In Tuthmosis IV's "Dream Stela", he tells us that, while he was out on a hunting trip, he fell asleep in the shadow of the Sphinx. Re-Harakhte, the sun god embodied in the Sphinx, came to him in a dream and promised that if he would clear away the sand that covered the sphinx, Tuthmosis would become king of upper and lower Egypt

We know that Tuthmosis IV was probably married to Mutemwiya, However, even though the king is known as the "conqueror of Syria".  Tuthmosis IV did finish a colossal obelisk about 32 meters, it was the tallest Egyptian obelisk that we know of, and was uniquely intended to stand as a single obelisk at the Temple of Karnak. Most of his work was adding to the temples of his father and grandfather.

His best-attested building we have to know today is his own tomb, KV 43, located in the Valley of the Kings and discovered by Howard Carter. However, his mummy was missing from his tomb, but it was found five years earlier in a cache of mummies located in the tomb of Amenhotep II. Perhaps better known are the fine private tombs built by his nobles on the West Bank at Luxor (ancient Thebes) in an area commonly referred to as the Tombs of the Nobles.

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