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Luxor is a mixture of ancient Pharaonic civilization and enchanting nature, which plays an important role in attracting tourists. One of the most important natural features is an "island", most of which is inhabited by banana trees and caged animals, it is difficult to visit Luxor without devoting part of your time, as the "banana island" is a tourist destination.

Banana Island 

You can visit Banana Island in Luxor if you are looking for a nice boat ride to enjoy the fresh breeze and the tranquility of the river Nile. Tourists take the boat from the city for less than 30 minutes to eat fresh bananas and drink Egyptian mint tea. you have the opportunity to enjoy our Egypt Day Tours from your hotel by Cairo Top Tours services. On the Nile side of Luxor, where your boat is waiting for your journey. Sailing down the calm waters of the eternal Nile River. You will see the marvelous Luxor Temple on the East Bank tour

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple


Luxor Egypt

Enjoy a refreshing cup of traditional Egyptian tea and some of the sweetest, most delicious bananas you have ever tasted. Continue sailing and watch the sunset slowly over the Luxor West Bank, take in the scenes around you as you sail back on a felucca ride along the Nile.


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