Temple of Madinet Habu

The temple of Medinet Habu in Luxor is a funerary temple that was built for the purpose of worshipping the pharaoh Ramses III and his predecessor Ramses II, as well as other divinities of this civilization. It was ordered to be built by King Ramses III himself, one of the most influential and important pharaohs of the XX dynasty.

Madinet Habu 

Built because of the seat of power by Queen Hatshepsut and Ramses III, one of the best pharaohs of Egypt throughout the new kingdom, Medinet Habu resembled a fortified town, with temples, palaces, chapels, and residential neighborhoods supposed for monks and officers.

Queen Hatshepsut | Queen of Egypt | The Pharaoh Woman

Queen Hatshepsut | Queen of Egypt | The Pharaoh Woman


Throughout the invasions of Egypt within the 20th dynasty, the whole population of Thebes (Luxor nowadays) took refuge inside the huge walls of the Mortuary Temple of Ramses III.


Temple of Ramses III 

You enter the temple through the fortified gate, a three-story building. On the higher floors was the king's non-public residence, embellished with scenes that portray him diverted by slender dancers. various military campaigns area units recorded on the pylons and on the walls of the temple.

In the second court, you'll see painted reliefs portraying spiritual holidays, preserved because of the Christians who reworked the realm into a church within the early Christianity in Egypt and coated the pictures that were thought-about offensive to them with a layer of plaster.

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