Adrere Amellal Hotel

A world of environmental rocks and sand، White Mountain brings us back to nature in the heart of the Egyptian desert.

If you are looking for relaxation away from the noise of the city and the technology community and want to experience a unique and different, The hotel is lit by candlelight and lanterns to illuminate at night and is done Distribute it with a specific system for eye rest, recreation and relaxation.

The "Adrere Amellal" Hotel or the White Mountain is located in the Egyptian desert of Siwa, about 300 km from the Mediterranean coast, and is one of the strangest hotels in Egypt. Hotel "Adrere Amellal" is a sandy hotel consisting of 40 rooms with decor inspired by the life of the people of the Siwa desert.

It is forbidden to use mobile phones in public areas to prevent disturbing guests who want peace and escape from the noise of the city and the phone can be used secretly.

Prince Charles, the Crown Prince of the United Kingdom, and his wife visited this hotel in 2006, and they paid an amount to spend one night in a hotel in the middle of the desert, and stayed in the royal room, the only room with a bathtub, which raised headline questions.

The walls of the hotel were made of Siwa sand and soil, and it is called "Kirshaf", because it is salt coated with silt, and scientifically it is a heat-insulating building material, like mud bricks, and this is what made the hotel a cool oasis in the heat of the Egyptian desert.

The hotel consists of earthen doors that also absorb heat during the day and then reflect it at night to make the rooms warmer. They are made of olive wood mixed with Siwa soil.
As for the ceilings, they are made of palm trees, surrounded by 7 salt lakes and olive trees. As for the furniture, all the pieces and accessories in the hotel are made by Siwa residents, with the craftsmanship and talent they are distinguished for.

What distinguishes the hotel is the dependence on the environment and self-sufficiency from everything that the environment grows so that the restaurant’s chefs prepare Asian foods in the traditional ways in which they rely on natural vegetables harvested directly from the hotel garden.

There are many activities so that guests do not feel bored, most notably massage, horse riding, mud therapy, and healthy eating.

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