Unlock Romance and Adventure on a 4-Day Cairo, White Desert, and Alexandria Honeymoon Tour!

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Unlock Romance and Adventure in Cairo, White Desert, and Alexandria Honeymoon Tour!

Are you prepared for a unique honeymoon experience with our Egypt honeymoon tours? Travel to Cairo, the White Desert, and Alexandria during a fantastic 4-day honeymoon tour with our Egypt travel packages! This trip is the ideal way to begin your future together, with magnificent landmarks from the ancient Egyptian era and stunning sandy beaches you can enjoy with our Egypt trips. Discover the ruins of Alexandria, take in Cairo's culture and history, explore the breathtaking Sahara Desert landscapes with our Egypt day tours, and unwind on the Mediterranean Sea's magnificent beaches through our Alexandria shore excursions. This 4-day honeymoon vacation is guaranteed to be unforgettable with so much to see and see.

In Egypt, there is a special museum called Serapeum Of Saqqara. It's a really cool place that can take you back in time. Inside the museum, you can learn about how people used to live a long time ago. It's like a treasure hunt because you can find hidden things they left behind. They lived differently than we do now, and it's amazing to see and learn about their way of life.


Cairo Top Tours tour leader will assist you upon arrival and during departure at Cairo International Airport.

Accommodation for 3 nights in a 5- star hotel, including bed & breakfast in Cairo.

All entrance fees in Egypt Classic Tours.

Local meals in high-quality restaurants during our Egypt Travel Packages from Cairo to Alexandria.

Certified tour guide.

Transportation of exclusive (non-smoking – air-conditioned) vehicles.

Stops for snacks upon request.

All transfers inside the White Desert by 4×4 car

Bottled water and soft drinks during the Cairo and Alexandria tour packages.

Shopping tours in Cairo or Alexandria.  (If there is enough time).

All taxes and service charges are included.


International airfare.

The entry visa to enter Egypt at Cairo airport.

Entering the pyramid from inside.

Tipping is not included in the costs.

Beverage during meals.

Tour cost doesn't apply during peak seasons like Xmas tours in Egypt, New Year, or during Egypt Easter tours.

Visit the treasures of ancient Egypt on a special day trip. Your tour guide will get you up from the lobby of your hotel and drive you to the Pyramids, Sphinx, and Egyptian Museum. The Giza Pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, should be the destination of your first journey. Views from the Cheops, Chephren, and Mycinerus Pyramids are breathtaking. After that, pause to take pictures in front of the majestic Great Sphinx. You are welcome to visit the Great Pyramid at no cost to you.

The next step is to visit a nearby restaurant and taste some Egyptian cuisine. You'll proceed to the Egyptian Museum once you're done. More than 250,000 artefacts from more than 5,000 years of history are included in these enormous exhibits. Then, if you choose, you are free to spend your own money exploring King Tutankhamun's gold and jewel-adorned room. These precious artefacts were kept in the King's tomb for 3,500 years before being found in 1920 during an excavation.

You'll also be driven to the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, where you may take in the feel of a local bazaar in a historic location. As you meander around this ancient souk, discover the vast selection of locally made jewellery, artefacts, and trinkets that are available for purchase (market). Take a trip back to your hotel to round off your adventure once you've seen everything Egypt has to offer.

Early in the morning, we drove 340 kilometres in our van from Cairo to the Oasis Bahariya.

The 398 mineral and sulphur springs in Bahariya, the closest oasis to Cairo, are known for reaching temperatures of up to 45 degrees and being utilized for therapeutic purposes. Bahariya is surrounded by dark hills consisting of dolerite and ferruginous quartzite. reach Bawiti, the mountaintop capital of the Oasis. Lunch will be provided by your CAMP. You'll leave for the Black Desert, which is adjacent to Bahariya Oasis, after lunch. Iron is one of the factors contributing to the black rocks in the desert.

You will ride a car to the little Bedouin settlement of El Hez after exploring Gabal el Marsos (Divided Mountain) on foot. The White Desert is reached after a 160 km on/off road journey that includes stops at Agabat el Sharkia, the El Santa tree, and Crystal Mountain. The White Desert is characterised by its topography, which is cream-colored and chalky, and by wind-carved constructions in the shape of mushrooms that have traits of both humans and animals. You may enjoy the breathtaking desert sunset today as we travel over the White Desert to our lodging in the Bahariya Oasis for dinner and a rest before concluding the itinerary in Cairo.

You will be picked up from your accommodation in Cairo or Giza at 7:00 am and transported 220 kilometers to Alexandria. Arrive in Alexandria around 10:00 to begin your daily tour, then stop at the Roman Theater (A theatre with marble seats up to 800 spectators, galleries, a section of mosaic flooring & a pleasure garden surrounded by Roman Villas & baths).

Next, proceed to Kom El-Catacomb Shoqafa's three-level burial site, where you will also locate the Tri-cilium, a former location where family members used to gather to feast the deceased on stone benches. There are statues of Sobec and Anubis in armour from the second century AD during the Roman era.

After that, have a complimentary stroll along the Cornish via El Mursi Abu Elabas, the Qaytbay Citadel, and the Alexandria Library.

After the excursion is over, you'll be taken back to Cairo by car. You'll return to Cairo at 9:00 p.m.

A nearby restaurant offers lunch in between visits but does not serve drinks.

Following breakfast, you check out of your Cairo hotel and are picked up by our tour guide to be taken to the Cairo international airport.

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The Black and White Deserts are places in Egypt that are named after their colors. The Black Desert is black because there were volcanoes there a long time ago. It is in a place called Bahariya Oasis.

This big museum is in a special building in Tahrir Square. It is the biggest museum in Africa. Inside, there are really special things to see, like a treasure that belonged to a Pharaoh named Tutankhamun. One of the most famous things in the museum is a shiny gold mask that he was buried with. It is very famous and shows what ancient Egypt was like a long time ago.

This pyramid is famous for being the smallest pyramid from a long time ago. It's special because it has some writing on the walls that is like magical spells to keep the king safe in the next life.


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