Temple of Dush in Kharga Oasis

The oasis uncovers a large number of archaeological sites, such as the Dush Temple, which is dedicated to Isis and Serapis. The Dush Temple is considered one of the most important archaeological and tourist attractions of Kharga Oasis.

Temple of Dush in Kharga Oasis

120 km away from the city of Kharga, the Dush temple stands as an example of ancient architecture, which was called the village in which it was built, which is the village of Dush in Paris, where the old village bore several names, the beginning was with the name "Kasht" She turned to "Gisht", then to "Dasht" from which her current name "Dush " came from, and it was once a very prosperous agricultural city.

The Temple of  Dush dates back to the Roman era, the era of the emperors "Domitian, Hadrian, and Trajan", and it is located inside the remains of an ancient fortress consisting of four floors. From Assiut to Darfur in Sudan.

The temple is located on one axis, extending from north to south, and the oldest part is known as the "Holy of Holies" was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor "Domitian", and the emperor "Hadrian" engraved the inscriptions on the walls of the temple, as well as halls from inside and outside.

He pointed out that the temple of "Dush " is similar in its planning and architecture to the temples that were built in ancient Egypt, in terms of the presence of "gates" and then "halls" that include columns on 3 rows leading to the "sanctuary of holies", and at the end of the halls there is a ladder to go up to the floor On the top, on the first main gate of the temple is the foundational text from the era of Emperor Trajan, which is mentioned by the name of the military ruler of the region at the time, and at the time of construction, indicating the Romans' control of the region in the past, where the oases were a garrison of the Roman Empire.


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