El Gilf El Kebir, Bahariya Oasis, and White Desert Tour Package

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Это плато площадью 7 770 квадратных километров, сложенное из известняка и песчаника, возвышается на 1 000 метров над пустыней и даже больше, чем Великое песчаное море, и известно под названием Гилф-эль-Кебир (Великий барьер) еще древним европейцам, которые первыми узнали его. Вы увидите самые значительные достопримечательности этой огромной отдаленной пустыни во время нашего сафари по пустыне в Египте после того, как насладитесь туром по Белой пустыне и сафари по пустыне Бахария Оазис, проходящим мимо прекрасного оазиса Дахла среди наших туристических пакетов в Египет. 



  • Помощь представителей Cairo Top Tours во время всех наших туристических пакетов в Египет.
  • Все трансферы организуются на частных автомобилях с кондиционером.
  • Проживание в течение 1 ночи в оазисе Дахла, включая завтрак и ужин.
  • Проживание в течение 6 ночей в кемпинге в пустыне, включая трехразовое питание.
  • Размещение на 1 ночь в кемпинге в Белой пустыне, включая 3-разовое питание.
  • Проживание в течение 1 ночи в Бахарии на полупансионе.
  • Все необходимое снаряжение для кемпинга.
  • Вход во все места, указанные в маршруте.
  • Все трансферы по пустыне осуществляются на джипах 4x4.
  • Все туры по Египту являются частными.
  • Остановки для перекуса или отдыха по запросу.
  • Все питание, как указано в маршруте.
  • Бутилированная вода на борту автомобиля во время всех сафари по Египту.
  • Все сервисные сборы и налоги включены.
  • шопинг-туры в Каире
  • Билеты на международный рейс.
  • Въездная виза в Египет.
  • Напитки во время приема пищи.
  • Чаевые не включены в наш турпакет "Эль-Гилф-эль-Кебир, оазис Бахария и Белая пустыня".
  • Цена тура также применяется в пиковые сезоны, такие как рождественские туры в Египет, Новый год или пасхальные туры в Египет.

Check out from your hotel in Cairo at 06:00 AM after having your daily breakfast, then you will meet your professional guide to start your Egypt desert safari trips by a deluxe vehicle to the Bahariya Oasis, the road takes about 4 hours from Cairo.

You will visit the Valley of Golden Mummies whose mummies are coated in gold, the Tombs of the Nobles, and the administrator of Bahariya Oasis during the 26th dynasty.

Then, visit the Temple of Alexander the Great which was built by Alexander during his visit to Egypt, on the walls, Alexander the Great is depicted presenting offerings to the god Amun-Re, one of the most important Egyptian deities who had been worshiped in the Bahariya Oasis during the Greco-Roman era.

Perhaps the foundation of this temple is a memorial to the journey of Alexander the Great in the Bahariya Oasis on his way to the Temple of the Oracle in the Siwa Oasis. Then take a visit to the Temple of Ain El Muftella, named Ain al-Muftla because of its proximity to a water spring called Ain al-Muftla.

Have your delicious lunch served by the Bedouins in the Bedouin house before going to your hotel to enjoy relaxing by the pool, you will climb the Black Mountain Before sunset by a 4WD Jeep to see the ruins on top, “the English House” to enjoy the panoramic view of Bahariya Oasis during sunset.

Overnight in Bahariya.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

White and Black Desert Tour

Visit the Salt Lake and the sand dunes to savor the palm trees and fruit fields after having breakfast, then we will travel to the White Desert170 km to the south of Bahariya. It is called the White Desert because it has a white color that covers most of its parts.

The reserve is famous for its large chalky rocks, and it contains many formations that were formed as a result of an occasional sandstorm. passing by the Black Desert, volcanic hills that exploded centuries ago and created the volcanic rocks, and the Valley of El Haize to the southernmost village of Bahariya with its extraordinary breeze.

Next, we will take a stop to see the quartz crystal at Crystal Mountain. That'll be fun. Crystal Mountain is one of the most charming and beautiful areas in the heart of Farafra Oasis, New Valley Governorate, because of its unique crystal rocks.

Continuing to the magnificent Valley of Agabat, which is a place of magical beauty, You will start camping in the White Desert and enjoy the beauty of the white limestone formations in the area, like the rabbit and mushroom formations. After that, you will have your Bedouin-style dinner in the Desert.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

A new, more wonderful day in the desert. You will be accompanied to Farafra Oasis after Breakfast at your camp in the desert.  

You can take a dip in the hot water of Bir Setah hot spring as well as the local artist Badr’s unique mud brick museum which is a modern art museum where you can see modern art artifacts.

Then Visit the old town of Al Qasr located north of the oasis of "Dakhla" in the heart of the Egyptian desert, one of the oldest ancient archaeological cities and was the meeting point of ancient transport.

Next, Drive to Dakhla for about 3 hours to visit the Roman Temple of Deir El Hagar which is one of the smallest temples in Egypt. It is located about 15 km from Al Qasr.

Then visit some of Egypt’s most beautiful rock-cut tombs at Al-Mazouka Tombs In Dakhla Oasis. Have lunch then visit the old Islamic Village of Al Qasr the town was built from its Roman ruins and has narrow covered streets that date back to the 12th century A.D, old houses arranged in a very interesting narrow ally, old oil press, wheat grinder, old court, prison, school, and an Ayyubide mosque.

Now it is time for relaxation.

in the afternoon relax by the pool then visit the lush Dakhla to enjoy its clear blue sky and golden sand dunes then enjoy the sunset on the Edge of the Great Sand Sea while having a tasty Bedouin tea.

Spend your night in Dakhla at Desert lodge atop the cliff viewing the verdant village embraced by the dunes and the beautiful pink rose mountains that Dakhla Oasis is famous for.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

After a delicious breakfast, we will prepare for the El Gilf El Kebir tour. Al-Jilf was a source of water from which water spread in all directions. Its valleys have been eroded by water, then wind and sand for more than 100,000 years. The highest slopes are located on the south and southwest sides.

Our 1st pause is at the Sugar Loaf area, the sugar loaf hill and arch is a landmark spot in El Gilf El Kebir. We will then stop by the area known as Mud Lions, used to be an extensive lake during ancient time, but now is dried. Atmosphere changes had created figures from the rocks, that's why it is known as the mud lions area.

Enjoy the night stargazing and taste the delicious dinner meal and overnight in the camp.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After you wake up and have breakfast, we will take the 4x4 car to start the adventurous safari trip in El Gilf El Kebir by cruising on the sand dunes, passing by the Wadi Mashi. We will continue till we arrive at the Central Gilf El Kebir area, where the hill is split into 2 sections with an amazing view of sand dunes and rock structures.

We will proceed with our journey till we arrive at Wadi Assib, where we can finally set up camp in the desert to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of the area, go stargazing, have a tasty dinner meal, and spend the night at leisure.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We will resume our trip as we arrive at the Aqaba path to see the western hills of the Gilf El Kebir!

Our initial visit is at The Cave of Swimmers, which is actually located in Wadi Sura (Valley of Pictures), Inside the Swimmer's Cave, there are over a thousand figures of various styles.

Our following station will be at the Mestekawi Cave which was found in 2002 by an Egyptian-Italian tourist group which was commanded by Massimo Foggini (an Italian tourist) and Ahmed Mistikaoui (An Egyptian Tourist).

We will get our camp ready in Wadi Sura to enjoy the enchanting mood of the place, stargazing, have an astounding dinner meal, and spend the night in our cozy camp.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Daily breakfast will be prepared and served at the camp, then we will start moving aboard the jeep to the area known as Wadi Abd El Malik which Al Masi discovered as well, see the beautiful acacia forest and take amazing photos.

Finally, we will start camping in Wadi Abd El Malik and spend the rest of the day with the local Bedouins drinking tea and eating dinner in the serenity of the desert. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After having breakfast at the camp, it's time to continue our wonderful desert safari trip in El Gilf El Kebir. Our primary stop is to see the Silica Glass Area, created 26 million years ago. It comprises a large area receiving great pieces of gorgeously clear yellow and green Silica Glass spread all over the place, making a mysterious picture that is unlikely to be amazing.

Finally, we will start camping in the Silica Glass area and spend the rest of the day with the local Bedouins, drinking tea and eating dinner in the serenity of the desert.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Have your breakfast set at the camp and continue the beautiful safari towards Ain Dalla Water Spring, one of the most beautiful and soothing natural water springs in Egypt that is encircled by palm trees from all directions. Enjoy a dip in the warm water or some meditation.

Then, we will start camping in the same area and spend the rest of the day with the local Bedouins, drinking tea and eating dinner in the serenity of the desert.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today, after having our early morning breakfast, we will start the drive to Cairo after we enjoyed 7 amazing days during our El Gilf El Kebir, Bahariya Oasis, and White Desert Tour Package.

Meals: Breakfast

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Some essential items to bring include a refillable water bottle, comfortable clothing, a camera, a flashlight, insect repellent, and any personal medication you may need. You should also have a small backpack to carry your belongings.


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