6 Days 5 Nights to Siwa oasis from Cairo

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6 Days 5 Nights to Siwa oasis from Cairo

The Siwa Oasis is a kaleidoscope of various cultures, breathtaking scenery, and a deep history with Egypt trips. The oasis, with its particular architectural style, is a remarkable example of ancient Arab mud-brick construction methods.

The winding alleyways, the mud-brick houses, and the painted doors will take your breath away, you can visit it with our Egypt desert safari tours. The 6 Days 5 Nights tour from Cairo is a great way to explore the oasis’s beauty with our Egypt travel packages. You will be able to experience the local culture and cuisine, as well as explore some of the local attractions and activities. 

You will visit some of the amazing natural wonders like the Oracle Temple, the Cave of the Swimmers, and the Tomb of Alexander the Great you can see it with our Egypt day tours. An incredible adventure in the desert is offered by Egypt Shore Excursions. You will travel through the magnificent dunes and historic sites with the assistance of our knowledgeable guides.

  • Cairo-based pick-up and drop-off service
  • English-speaking private tour guide Egyptologist
  • Entry charge to each of the places mentioned
  • Meals begin with lunch on the first day and conclude with lunch (last day)
  • From leaving Cairo till you return, all beverages
  • Every transfer is made in a private, air-conditioned car.
  • Wonderful safari adventure in a 4x4 vehicle.
  • Bedouin meal served in a tented setting 3 days in a hotel in Siwa
  • 1 full-board camping trip in the desert
  • 2 days in Cairo accommodation hotel
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Tipping

Pick-up time from Cairo airport. and drive to Siwa oasis in a modern and air-conditioned car, we stop for a coffee break. upon arrival siwa oassis our tour leader will help you to check in at your hotel and relax and overnight.

Hotel breakfast is available.

Pickup from the hotel begins at 7:00 am. The first attraction you'll see today in Siwa is the Alexander the Great Temple, also called the Temple of the Oracle. The Siwan oracle is thought to have been consulted by Alexander the Great in order to affirm that he was Zeus' son. The Greek deity of gods travelled a great distance over the desert to reach Siwa oasis with his company. Afterward, depart for the salt lake around.

 continue to the spring of the sun (Cleopatra's bath). The mythology claims that Cleopatra once swam here. Next, go to the Umm Ubaydah or Amun temple, which is located about 200 metres away from the Temple of the Oracle. The temple was built by Pharaoh Nectanebo of the 30th Dynasty. Finally, go to Gebel Al Mawta.(taste the Siwan meal) at the Abdo Restaurant,

then Swim in the salt lake for a fantastic experience; the water causes you to float above it.You will then explore the desert by coming across the Great Sand Sea. using Jeep 4x4, Experience the hot and cold springs B. Waheed By dusk, we take pleasure in some traditional Bedouin tea before setting up camp for the night and enjoying a barbecue dinner. This option is also available if you choose to stay in a hotel over a tent. Siwa has lovely eco-lodges.


Breakfast is served at the Camp at 7:00, followed by a drive back to Siwa Oasis, according to Egypt 360. Drive to the conical Mountain of the Dead, which is a little more than a kilometer to the north of Shali, after seeing the Shali Fort and having some free time for shopping. There are four tombs at Gebel Al- Mawta that are worth seeing. They are cut into the side of the mountain and date from the Ptolemaic, Roman, and 26th Dynasty periods.

we'll visit Fatnas Lake. Birket Siwa's tiny island of Fatnas can be reached on a bicycle or on foot. Gebel Bayda and Hamra, which form a stunning backdrop to the west, make it a wonderful location to unwind and observe the sunset across the lake. Banana, date, and olive trees are just a few of the types of trees one might observe while strolling through the garden. You will then be driven to your accommodation.

You may use Siwa more before moving on to Cairo. Try some of the renowned dates, olives, jellies, and syrups from Siwa as well. The list also includes calming and therapeutic herbs, teas, well-known lamps, and products made completely of salt from the Siwa salt lakes. then transfer you to your cairo hotel.

Pickup from the customer's hotel in Cairo by one of our knowledgeable tour guides, followed by a transfer to the Giza pyramids in a private, modern vehicle to begin your full-day trip. Visit the Great Pyramid of King Cheops at the Giza Pyramids, which are also known as the "Famous Pyramids of Egypt," before taking a 20-minute camel ride to learn more about the country's history. Next, your guide will take you to a panoramic location where you can see all the pyramids at once, after which you will be driven to the Valley Temple, also known as the "Mummification Temple," where King Chephren's dead body was mummified and where you can get

and our guide will help you take some excellent pictures and he'll pick the best spots for capturing special moments. Photos Lunch at a nearby restaurant is free, but drinks are not. then drive to Cairo City Center from the Giza pyramids. Where you go to the Egyptian Museum, one of the largest museums in the world, and see a tonne of genuine statues as well as King Tutankhamun's treasures before returning to your hotel.

our tour leader will transfer you from your hotel after breakfast to Cairo airport to back home and goodbye.

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