Valley of El Haize in Bahariya Oasis

Travelers to the white desert can stop for a break in al-Hayz after driving from Bahariya Oasis's central village "bawiti" for one hour to the south direction, maybe they do not mutch restaurants, but there is a small cafe that welcomes visitors to the village.

Wadi al-Hayz is established near the western edge of the Bahariya Oasis by the Black Desert, and during the Roman era, this valley was more green and it could be reclaimed, so it was one of the most important places in Egypt for wine production, where the remains of a winery were discovered here in Wadi Al-Hayz in 1988, and other great mansions have also been discovered.

Wadi al-Hayz was found on the ruins of the Roman fortress as one of the most northern garrisons in the Western Desert, where it was built so that the forces could guard the trade routes and control movement in the area.

The Black Desert was described by this name because of the presence of black pebbles that are sprayed on the surface such as burnt breadcrumbs and black basalt since the early Miocene era, where the upper crust of sandstone pieces that were created in the early ages was formed.

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