Ports of Call in Egypt | Egypt Ports

Egypt is one of the countries that have the largest ports to build and the latest container handling systems. So, we will give you information about some of the important Egyptian ports.

Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port is the largest Egyptian port, and Dekheila port is considered a natural and geographical extension of Alexandria port, which is the main port of which most of Alexandria Shore Excursions can be done while you are docking in Alexandria port. It passes by more than three-quarters of the foreign trade of the country. 

Port Said:

Port Said port is at the northern entrance of the Suez Canal and is one of the most important Egyptian ports. Where Port Said Shore Excursions are done from and it also has a unique position as it is at the entrance of the largest international shipping lane (Suez Canal), and in the middle of the largest commercial shipping line that connects Europe to the east as it is the largest transit port in the world.

El Sokhna Port:

 El Sokhna Port is considered the port of the century, which is one of the newest ports that was created by the system B.O.T, which is managed by the system of logistics centers that is one of the enormous national projects.  And is the fruit of the planning and implementation of a systematic stage, of crucial usage in placing Egypt on the global marine map. It is the first comprehensive, integrated and multipurpose hub port which is called "Third Generation Ports". You can even take a tour to Giza Pyramids from Sokhna Port Excursions if you have enough time before your cruise ship set sail.

Sharm El-Sheikh Port:

Sharm El-Sheikh Port is an Egyptian port on the coast of the red sea, located at the southernmost point of the Sinai Peninsula at the intersection of the Gulf of Suez and Aqaba. At the head of the southern triangle, at a distance of 156 miles from the port of Suez, 380 km south of Suez, 490 km from Cairo. It is also important for the use of the Egypt Shore Excursions if the ship is docking for a day or two.

Safaga Port:

Safaga Port is one of the oldest red seaports, it is used for the docking of ships in Safaga Shore Excursions, its real work started in 1911 by exporting phosphate ore and during the Second World War, as it played an important role in serving the Allies.

The port plays a vital role in transporting Egypt's foreign trade of dust and mineral ores. It receives large quantities of grain, general goods, and heavy equipment. Also, it plays a role in the traveling and returning of the passengers working in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, and from Upper Egypt as well as the tourists visiting the South Valley.

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