Cairo and The Red Sea Short Luxury Tour

Price Starting From : $550

With our five-day Egypt luxury tours, you can see the best of Cairo and the Red Sea. Making the most of your time on Egypt Tours is made possible by this thoughtfully designed schedule, which guarantees you won't miss any of the major sights in Cairo and Giza. Don't hesitate any longer—schedule your quick 5-day luxury tour right away and start your amazing adventure!

Our Egypt travel packages are designed to provide you with a seamless and exceptional travel experience. Leave the details to our attentive staff, who will take care of everything, ensuring that you have a stress-free and memorable trip.

During this quick break, you'll have the opportunity to explore the must-see sites of Egypt, including the majestic Sphinx at the Giza Necropolis and the vast Egyptian Museum. Additionally, you'll get to unwind and enjoy the beautiful beaches at El Ain Sokhna, located on the Red Sea coast, before returning to Cairo.

This tour is one of our top-rated Egypt luxury tours, offering a relaxed and comfortable way to experience all the highlights of Egypt. From ancient wonders to stunning beach destinations, this 5-day itinerary provides a perfect balance of cultural exploration and relaxation.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore Cairo, Giza, and the Red Sea in luxury. Book your tour package today and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Egypt's remarkable treasures.

  • Being met and assisted upon arrival and departure by Cairo's top tours.
  • Transport is done by private air-conditioned vehicles.
  • All sightseeing tours are done as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • A certified tour guide will accompany you through your Cairo day trips.
  • Lunch meals as mentioned in the itinerary of the 5 Days Cairo and the Red Sea Short Luxury Tour.
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in Fairmont Nile City, Cairo, including breakfast
  • Accommodation for 1 night in El Ain Sokhna Resorts on a full-board basis
  • Shopping tours in Cairo
  • All taxes and service charges.
  • International airfare.
  • Any extras not mentioned in the Egypt Day tours' itinerary
  • Tipping is not included.

When you arrive at Cairo airport, meet our representative to be transferred to your hotel. Once there, have a welcome drink, and we'll revise your 5-day Cairo and the Red Sea tour itinerary with you to make sure it matches the schedule and includes any optional Cairo sightseeing Egypt Luxury Tours you may want to do.

If you have enough time to attend the show and learn about Egypt's history, you will be able to see an optional sound and light show at the Giza Pyramids the next day.

After enjoying a buffet breakfast at our hotel, you'll be met by a certified tour guide who will take you on a tour of the Giza Pyramids area. Your tour will make you appreciate Egyptian history in a whole new way, and your personal tour guide will do his best to answer any questions you have throughout the tour.

King Cheops was the son of Snefru, who was a great builder himself. His father, Snefru, also built the middle pyramid in Giza, and his grandfather, Mycerinus, had the smallest yet not the least significant pyramid that you will see from the plateau while having an optional camel ride in the Giza Pyramids.

Down in the Valley of King Chephren, you can see the royal mummified body of King Chephren. And nearby, on the great Sphinx statue, you can see the carved likeness of a man-headed lion. This is an amazing place to visit!

If you're interested in ancient Egyptian art, you'll love visiting Saqqara—200 years older than the Giza Necropolis and home to some of the finest tombs in the country. Not to mention, the tomb of Kagemni, the vizier of justice and son-in-law of King Teti, is definitely worth a visit.

Let's move on to Mit Rahina, where you'll find an open-air museum full of interesting artifacts from different epochs in ancient Egyptian history. Among these are the alabaster sphinx of Memphis, one of the largest in Egypt, and the gigantic statue of Ramses II, one of the most important kings during the 18th dynasty. Lunch will be a great way to enjoy all the sights and sounds this amazing site has to offer.

Overnight in Cairo

Meals: breakfast, lunch

After breakfast, you'll be accompanied by your tour guide on a fascinating city tour of Cairo, starting with the Cairo Citadel. You'll be able to see some of the most important historical sites in the city, all while learning about the Islamic culture that has influenced Cairo for centuries on Islamic Cairo trips.

You'll see the beautiful medieval fortifications of Cairo, including the Saladin Citadel. This was built by Sultan Saladin in the 12th century to protect Cairo from any possible dangers. Saladin quickly recruited some mercenaries to be used in the Egyptian army, but they soon gained power, wealth, and the support of the people. That thing that made them rule the country before Mohamed Ali Basha got rid of them in a very famous massacre known as the Citadel Massacre

The brilliant alabaster mosque of Mohamed Ali is located inside the beautiful citadel and is considered one of the highest points in Cairo if the weather is clear.

Would you like to explore some of the most important sites in the history of Christianity? Yes, we can show you some of the earliest churches in the world, as well as the site where the Holy Family stayed during their journey from Herod. You will also see one of the oldest synagogues in the Middle East.

Thank you for enjoying a delicious lunch before exploring the market in Khan El Khalili in Cairo's downtown area. Al Hussein was the grandson of the Prophet of Islam, Mohamed (PBUH). This area is full of old mosques from the 9th century, along with lots of mausoleums of the companions and family members of Prophet Mohamed. After lunch, take a walking tour of Cairo's small alleys before being transferred back to your hotel.

Overnight in Cairo

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After check-out from your hotel in Cairo, we will head to El-Sokhna, one of the most famous destinations of Red Sea attractions. After arriving, you will get to have a pleasant time on the beach or swimming in the pool.

Lunch will be served at 3:00 PM, and dinner will be before the night show.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

After breakfast, please leave your hotel to start the adventure. We will drive to the famous Porto Sokhna resort for about 30 minutes to take the cable car (Teleferik) up Mount Galala to enjoy a lunch of fresh seafood in a luxurious restaurant overlooking the Red Sea and the mountain.

After exploring the resort's mall, take amazing beachfront photos before you take your car to Cairo. Next, tell the driver where you want to be dropped off in Cairo after your 5-day Cairo Red Sea Luxury Tour ends.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

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Through Egypt Tours, we had a lot of customer reviews, which you can see on our social media accounts, Trip Advisor, and YouTube videos about how they enjoy Egypt budget tours with our experts who join them in every inch of Egypt to illustrate to the travelers the history of each attraction visited on their Egypt and Holy Land Tours.

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Explore the Red Sea region in Egypt for various activities, including diving, snorkeling, water sports, boat trips, dolphin watching, fishing, relaxation on beaches, and a spa. The region boasts crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and colorful marine life. Popular diving spots include Ras Mohammed National Park, Tiran Island, and the Brothers Islands. Water sports include windsurfing, kiteboarding, parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat rides. Boat trips and cruises offer stunning views of the Red Sea's coastline. Dolphin-watching excursions offer opportunities to observe these intelligent creatures in their natural habitat. Fishing enthusiasts can catch prized fish species like tuna, marlin, grouper, and snapper.

For tourists who want to experience the best of what Cairo has to offer, 3 days is enough. The first day can be spent learning all about the history and culture of the city by visiting museums and exploring famous archaeological sites. On the second day, they can try out some unique experiences in Egypt, such as sandboarding at Faiyum Oasis, touring the Pyramids of Giza on ATV quad bikes, cruising along the River Nile, and attending a ghost tour in Alexandria. They can save the shopping experience and the nightlife scenes on the third day. The city has a plethora of vibrant bars as well as shops that offer the best things to buy in Cairo.

Yes & no, for some nationalities Yes and for others No. This depends on international agreements between countries. The same goes for where and how you can get the visa. Some nationalities can get it upon arrival at any port, while others must obtain it via the Egyptian consulates in their countries. For more details kindly visit the website of Ministry of Forgiven Affairs - Visa section.

Without a doubt, Egypt is a wonderful destination for a family holiday. It has several museums where you may see items from Egyptian history as well as treasures from the ancient Egyptian civilization. Most ancient temples, pyramids, and tombs are open to visitors of all ages. Egypt has a lot of beaches if you just want to unwind; they would be great additions to your family's Egypt holiday.

The Red Sea and Cairo Short Luxury Tour offers a range of experiences and sights that showcase the greatest parts of both cities. Here are a few of the standouts:

Cairo: You'll get to see famous sites including the Egyptian Museum, the Citadel of Saladin, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Sphinx. You'll also get to see the bustling Khan El Khalili Bazaar. You can also take a tour of Old Cairo's historic Islamic and Coptic neighborhoods.

The Red Sea: You may take advantage of the spotless beaches and turquoise waters in the Red Sea region. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are some of the activities that may be done to discover the marine life and colorful coral reefs. Additionally, you can engage in water sports and unwind on the beach. 


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