El montazah palace alexandria | montaza palace history

The gardens of Montazah Palace, with their enchanting views of the Mediterranean, are one of the most beautiful historical and tourist sites in Alexandria, and visitors need to discover its attractions on foot for hours.

Montazah Palace is one of the most important and beautiful tourist places in the Bride of the Mediterranean. It enjoys a wonderful and unique location on the beach of Alexandria, amid stunning gardens and forests, and a wonderful architectural design. It was built by Khedive Abbas Hilmi II in 1892 AD in the city of Alexandria, the palace is located inside gardens known by the name of "Al-Montazah Gardens".

Alexandria is associated with the bride of the Mediterranean in the mind of the Arab tourist, with summers and relaxation on the sands of its beautiful beach, but Alexandria has another dimension, as it provides various tourist opportunities such as ecotourism or tourism that inspects antiquities, for whatever reason your visit to Alexandria will not be completed until your visit to the Montazah Palace and its picturesque gardens, which are one of the symbols of rare beauty in the world. 

The palace was built by Muhammad Ali Pasha to be a summer residence for his family to spend the hot summer months, and he called it “the Montazah Palace” until King Farouk sat on the throne of Egypt. The Montazah Palace remained the summer residence of the royal family. The splendor of the palace lies in its unique location on the beach of Alexandria, where it was built on a high plateau It is surrounded by gardens and forests on an area of ​​370 acres, and its architecture combines French and Ottoman Islamic styles, and the gardens include flowerbeds, plants and trees, playgrounds, a children's garden, a summer theater and a marine sports center.

Among the remaining monuments in the Montazah Palace are the famous clock tower and the tea stall built in the Roman style overlooking the Mediterranean coast to discuss matters of government, in addition to the Princesses Cinema adjacent to the King's Palace, which is a rich, walled garden with a large wall equipped to display international movies for the entertainment of the princesses.

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