Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain in Egypt | Bahariya Oasis Crystal Mountain


Crystal Mountain, which is often called the Jewel of the Desert is formed by the quartzite crystals and looks amazing in the sun's rays. A few decades ago, that natural feature has been found quite by accident. Local residents for several years used the minerals to build the road. When researchers realized the uniqueness of this place, Crystal Mountain has been taken under protection. Today, it is an unmissable destination for all desert tours.

one of the most beautiful mountains of the world, a small arch of rock, shining brightly in the sun, making it look like a crown decorated with thousands of colored gems in the desert, making it like a treasure hunting behind every seeker of wealth, and this is what attracts many tourists and locals, His jewels are scattered in a unique landscape.

"Crystal Mountain". Located within the White Desert, 120 km from the Farafra Oasis and 160 km from the Bahariya Oases is one of the rarest mountains in the world, it is a mountain full of different crystal, where there are more than 12 types Crystal, clustered with each other in a huge mountain mass. Crystal Mountain is usually thought to be a giant mountain that rises above the surface of the desert, but they are shocked when they visit it.

The presence of this treasure in a place open to all led to its destruction, most of the tourists and even local people, insist on going to the Crystal Mountain, to collect some pieces of calcite crystals scattered, and thought "Alkhirtia", who are working as "guides" and "guides" desert, Imagine that tourists collect it as a hobby to collect colored stones, which threatened to disappear..