6 Days Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan During Christmas

Price Starting From : $950

Join our six-day trip to Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. During Christmas, experience all that Egypt Christmas Tours has to offer. You'll be amazed at the beauty of this ancient land. The Nile River is the main reason why Egypt has been so successful for so long.

Our Christmas Tours in Egypt

If you're looking for a way to celebrate Christmas in Egypt, then you've come to the right place. Our 6-day Cairo Luxor Aswan tour package, part of our Egypt Travel Packages, offers a variety of activities that will let you enjoy all the festive traditions in Egypt's most famous cities. Highlights include visiting the great pyramids at Giza, which still amazes the world with their greatness, and the Coptic Cairo tour, where you're going to witness the most ancient Christian churches in the world. You'll also tour the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to see the treasures of a 7,000-year-old civilization. These excursions provide a special fusion of culture, history, and joyous festivities, making lifelong memories.

  • Being welcomed upon arrival by our tour leaders at the airports.
  • Transports are done by a private air-conditioned car.
  • your accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel for 4 nights including bed and breakfast.
  • Your accommodation in Aswan Hotel for 1 night including breakfast.
  • All sightseeing tours in Luxor and Cairo excursions are private during your 6 Days Cairo Luxor Aswan During Christmas.
  • Private English-speaking tour guide during Tours in Egypt.
  • Domestic flight tickets from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor to Cairo.
  • All the admission fees and charges to the sites as mentioned.
  • Stops for snacks during Cairo trips.
  • Meals in Cairo local restaurants as mentioned in our Egypt Christmas Holidays itineraries.
  • Bottle of water for free during any of our Egypt Travel Packages.
  • Shopping tours in Cairo upon your request.
  • All service charges or taxes of your Xmas Tours in Egypt.
  • A visa to enter Egypt can be obtained at Cairo airport for 25 American Dollars.
  • Tipping is not included in the prices.
  • Any extra sites not mentioned within our Egypt Day Tours.
  • Beverage during meals.
  • Tour price only applies during the peak season of Christmas and New Year in Egypt.

We'll have a Cairo Top Tours representative waiting for you at Cairo International Airport terminal with a signboard with your name written on it. You'll be transferred to the hotel in Cairo by an exclusive air-conditioned vehicle. The itinerary of your whole 6 Days Cairo Luxor Aswan During Christmas will be revised by the help of your tour manager to confirm all the pick-up times for your Xmas Tours in Egypt.

If you're arriving in Cairo earlier than your flight, we can book you a Nile Cruise Dinner in Cairo for two hours. During your dinner, you'll enjoy an oriental entertainment show, including belly dancing and Tanoura dance show.


Wake up in the early morning full of delight and passion, and have your breakfast at the hotel before meeting up with your personal Egyptologist and driver who will accompany you through your Giza Pyramids tour, Memphis, and Saqqara Necropolis.

Start Cairo sightseeing tours today with the Giza Pyramids, three massive buildings in the necropolis of Giza that the historian Greeks called (the pyramids), built to be burial tombs for the kings and rulers in ancient Egypt, but here, especially those three pyramids belong to a father, a son, and a grandson. The father King Cheops built his massive pyramid after seeing his great father building 4 immense pyramids too, 2 of them are in Dahshur called the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, but King Cheops could construct a pyramid that no one ever has done or will do anything to be compared with it, as it is the only monument remaining from the ancient 7 wonders of the world.

His son Chephren (Kharfa in ancient Egyptian Language) built his pyramid slightly smaller to respect his father, and you can tell that it is huge even from far away as it was erected upon a higher plateau than his father's.

You will get a panoramic view of the three pyramids which date back as early as the 4th dynasty during the old kingdom of ancient Egypt history as divided by the great historian Mentho into 30 ruling families, a great chance to hire a 1-hour camel ride in Giza Pyramids before getting down to see the Great Sphinx within the pyramid complex of the great King Chephren. The statue is a mythological animal with a man's head and a body of a lion that has been used a lot by ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, even the Greeks took the idea of creating symbolic mythological statues for warriors and Emperors afterward. Visit also the Valley Temple which was built only to serve as a mummification temple for the body of the king before burial.

We will now continue our Cairo day tours to the ancient city of Memphis, the 1st capital of Egypt from the time King Menes unified the two kingdoms in Upper and Lower Egypt, the area now has an open-air museum that exhibits many artifacts that date back to various periods of the pharaonic era, especially the massive alabaster sphinx of Memphis and the colossal statue of King Ramses II.

Enjoy your lunch meal now if you feel hungry or we can have our Egyptian cuisine lunch right after we finish Egypt day tours in Saqqara, the old kingdom necropolis which has the earliest example of a stone pyramid, roughly 200 years before the pyramid of Cheops, that will make it around 4670 years ago during the third dynasty for the great King Djoser. The Step Pyramid stands at a height of 62 meters with 6 stepped layers starting with a square base and the burial chamber underneath and was carved of granite.

We will also visit the Pyramid of Teti, one of the kings of the 6th dynasty, and entering his pyramid is included in the ticket. His son-in-law, Kagemni has a great tomb and is considered one of the best-preserved tombs of the nobles in Saqqara, we will see the scenes inscribed inside that tells a lot about the daily life activities of the ancient Egyptians.

Back again to the hotel after completing our tours in Cairo.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After breakfast, you will be accompanied by your tour leader to the airport in Cairo and catch your flight heading to Aswan. At Aswan airport, our certified tour guide will pick up you to start your excursions in Aswan by visiting the great High Dam of Aswan which is positioned between Egypt and Sudan and is considered of the greatest accomplishments of the modern history of Egypt, then you will visit the Unfinished Obelisk within the granite quarries where ancient Egyptians cut and transported the stones they used in building their massive funeral buildings and cult temples, the obelisk was made from a single piece of stone during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut. Then you will visit the Temple of Philae, which was built to worship the goddess of Magic, Isis. Ptolemy II built the temple and the Roman Emperors completed it.

You will then be transferred to your hotel in Aswan for check-in and overnight after having your tasty lunch.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After having your delicious breakfast at the hotel, you will be transferred to Luxor to enjoy your tour to the east and west banks in Luxor start with the Luxor east bank tour exploring the Karnak Temple complex that was built by various kings and was known as Ipet Isu or the most select of places. The temple is the largest worship place ever constructed and was the center of religion in ancient Egypt during the new kingdom when Luxor (Thebes) was the capital of Egypt.

Continue Luxor excursions by experiencing the west bank of Luxor tours as you will witness the royal necropolis in the Valley of the Kings, where the treasures of the divine rulers of Egypt were buried with them in rock-cut tombs beside the mountain, among the most significant tombs discovered here is the tomb of King Tutankhamen with all the golden findings.

Visit also the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut that was built during her reign by the genius architect Senmout, the temple is dedicated to the worship of Amun's trinity, continue Luxor sightseeing tours to see the massive statues of King Amenhotep III who was the first to start building the Temple of Luxor.

Transfer after your lunch to Luxor airport for your flight to Cairo, being met at Cairo airport, and transferred to the hotel for check-in and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After having your buffet breakfast at the hotel, begin Cairo trips by the Egyptian Museum tour as your private tour guide will accompany you to the famous Tahrir Square in Cairo downtown to see the impressive treasures of ancient Egypt exhibited inside and outside the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the building that was built after the great efforts of the famous archaeologist Francois Auguste Mariette in the 19th century. See the golden collection of King Tutankhamen that is composed of sarcophagi, Jewelry, beds, chariots, boxes, the throne, and the golden mask of the child king.

After that, you will be transported to the area of Old Cairo to see the oldest Christian churches starting with the Hanging Church of the holy virgin Mary which was constructed upon the ruins of the ancient Roman fortress of Babylon, the church contains the main nave and two side aisles with the original pulpit in the middle, see the crypt where the holy virgin Mary and the baby Jesus Christ took refuge for 3 months below the cavern church of Abu Serga. Continue your Coptic Cairo tour to visit the Synagogue of Ben Ezra as well, which once was a Coptic Church before being sold to pay the heavy taxes demanded from the Christian society.

Enjoy your appetizing lunch meal in a nice restaurant and transfer to the ancient market of Khan El Khalili where you will have a great time exploring the area of the Islamic Cairo trips and purchasing souvenirs for your friends to show them how pleasant your tours in Cairo were.

Back to the hotel in Cairo overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Today you will enjoy your breakfast at the hotel before being transferred to the airport to take your final departure flight. You can book an adventurous Sunrise Camel Ride in Giza Pyramids if you have sufficient time.

Meals: Breakfast


Silver Accommodation Hotel in Cairo

Silver Accommodation Hotel in Cairo: Cairo Pyramids Hotel or similar. B.B Hotel in Aswan: Isis Cornish Aswan. B.B

# tour.may-sep tour.oct-april
tour.solo __ $1750
tour.double __ $1099
tour.triple __ $950


Golden Accommodation

Golden Accommodation: Hotel in Cairo: Le Meridien Pyramids. B.B (optional Xmas Eve Dinner: 80 USD per person ) ( obligatory New Year Dinner: 160 USD per person ) Hotel in Aswan: Movenpick Aswan Hotel. B.B ( optional Xmas Eve Dinner: 125 USD per person ) ( Obligatory New Year Dinner: 165 USD per person )

# tour.may-sep tour.oct-april
tour.solo __ $2199
tour.double __ $1398.98
tour.triple __ $1299


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Egypt is well-known for its ancient civilization and the magnificent pharaonic monuments; that's why you have to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the GEM (The Grand Egyptian Museum), Sakkara, and Dahshur.

Egypt is your top option. Christmas and New Year's Eve are fantastic holidays to spend in Egypt. More than two million tourists came to the nation in December from all over the world.

Christmas is one of the most important occasions of the year that you can spend in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which is Egypt, so that you can enjoy diverse and enjoyable experiences and activities with your friends and family in this ancient country. You will be able to visit many Egyptian cities and spend more time with the local people who will help you to celebrate Christmas differently this year.

Enjoy special Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, often including gala dinners, live entertainment, and traditional Egyptian performances. You can also explore historical sites with a holiday twist, as they are beautifully decorated for the season.


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