Temple of Ain El Muftella in Bahariya Oasis | Ain Muftalla

This temple was named Ain al-Muftla because of its proximity to a water spring called Ain al-Muftla, located northeast of al-Maqasir, and is one of the most important natural water springs in the Bahariya Oasis.

Temple of Ain El Muftella, Bahariya Oasis

The "Ain Al-Muftella" is one of many temples built by the ancient Egyptians in the central area of ​​the Bahariya Oasis at the exit point of the road that links the Bahariya Oasis with the Siwa Oasis. This temple is considered to be the city center in the Old Town of Al Qasr. Then this city fell down and a modern city with the name "Point" appeared, and it was likely built during the twenty-sixth dynasty, despite the presence of some parts of the temple, which may date back as early as the New Kingdom, The temple was probably reconstructed again during the Greco-Roman period.

This temple contains four chapels that were discovered in 1939 by Egyptian scholars. The four chapels belong to the 26th dynasty of ancient Egyptian history, the last of the families who ruled Egypt before the Persian invasion in 525 BC.
The temple was not built to worship one god, as it has been used to worship many of the ancient Gods in Egypt, as it served as a place of worship for any god accepted by the locals to be worshiped. Because of this, the paintings on the walls depict different deities which include Osiris, Thoth, Ptah, and other gods and goddesses worshiped by ancient Egyptians.
Visiting the temple allows you to see paintings, engravings, and more than wonderful scenes during your Cairo Day Tours to the White Desert and El Bahariya Oasis, as there, you will find scenes of the Pharaoh Amasis of the 26th dynasty who built the temple, and also some scene that dates back to the New Kingdom, and images of the Greek and Romans. And because there are many groups and time periods added to the temple of Ain El Muftella, it is difficult to distinguish between one period of time and beyond.

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