Valley of the Golden Mummies

 Valley of the Golden Mummies in Bahariya Oasis
The Valley of the Golden Mummies is located in the Bahariya oasis, about 420 km from Cairo. This necropolis was established in the period of Greco-Roman domination over the Egyptian territory. The findings found so far, allow us to conclude that it was intended for characters from the middle and upper classes of society.

It was discovered by chance on April 17, 2001. So far four graves have been excavated and 105 mummies preserved by the desert sands were found; Many of these mummies have gold masks, which have given their name to the valley. Profusely decorated with religious motifs, the mummies have allowed researchers to know better the period in which they were buried, because until the moment of their discovery, there were not too many details.

Today, archaeologists continue with the exploration work of the valley and through different exploration methods have concluded that there may be more than 10,000 mummies on the land occupied by the ancient necropolis.