Ain Khadra in Farafra Oasis

Ain Khadra is one of the oldest Roman springs in the Farafra Oasis, and its people called it "the homeland," and Ain al-Wadi for its presence in a depression, where the region's inhabitants lived before moving to the region. Farafra is currently located in the year 1840 AD.

Roman Springs or shallow Springs are considered the main source of life for the people of the oases since the earliest times, and it was called Roman because it dates back to the Roman period in Egypt, while before this era the oases were dependent on what is called "skylights" as a source of water, and "Ain Khadra" is one of the most important ancient springs in the White Desert, Farafra center.

Ain Khadra Oasis is located in the heart of the Western Desert, 70 km south of Bahariya Oasis. It is a green oasis in the middle of the white desert naturally protected area, and the appearance of the spring is due to the intersection between the sandstone, where the age of ancient life, and an underground section, made up of a ground basin with water, and you can visit the white groove near the spring. You can also visit the Black Desert and the White Desert trip through Cairo day Tours, Egypt luxury tours, Egypt Christmas tours, Egypt day tours, and Egypt Tours, or include it within your Egypt travel packages.

The spring lies between a bunch of palm trees and fruit trees planted by the ancestors in the region, and therefore its visitors are always keen on eating dates from them and resting, shaded by their lush trees.

Farafra oasis has gained international tourism fame recently until it became the rival of Luxor in its tourist fame, as it is intended by many groups of people between a scientist, an adventurer, a student of calm, rest, and treatment of the bitter cold that reigns in Europe and America. Farafra has also become a place for many safaris with Cairo day tours nature lovers and science Because of the presence of the Cretaceous land to the north of the oasis, known as the White Desert, and with what natural forms are fascinated by the tourist, the winds formed many rock patterns in the form of mushrooms and other in the form of white stone pillars or chalky or conical walls, And it has become fun for the region where tourists spend long days enjoying the picturesque atmosphere, tranquility, and wonderful natural scenery that they look at from a distance like a residential city. Who drew it.

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