Cairo to Luxor wheelchair tour

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Cairo to Luxor wheelchair tour.

The one life change that will encourage you to travel and learn more about Egypt, which will enable you to see the great pyramids, the Karnak temple, and the Valley of Kings. and more Luxor attractions and Cairo attractions that will be mentioned in the itinerary of the trip. 

A corner within Luxor is hardly without one of the sights of the Pharaonic era. It is a city with a third of the world's monuments because it has been the capital of the ancient and modern Egyptian Kingdom since 2,000 BC.

Now let's go together to explore the treasures of tourism in Luxor and its highlights such as the Temple of Karnak, the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of the Monastery, the Valley of Kings, the Valley of Queens, and the Funeral Temple of Amanahab III and the Museum of Luxor.


Meet our Cairo Top Tours tour leaders at airports.

spend 2 nights in Cairo Pyramids Hotel  with breakfast.

have 1 night at Luxor with breakfast.

Internal flight tickets Cairo to Luxor and back from Luxor to Cairo.

Entrance tickets to all sites are mentioned in the itinerary. 

Egyptian food lunch meals.

All transports to/from the airport & hotel by a private nonsmoking air-conditioned vehicle.

Stops for snacks upon request.

Bottle of water and soft drinks during all your excursions in Egypt.

Soft drink in a local Cafe if time allows.

Expert tour guide.

Meals will be served as mentioned in the itinerary.

Shopping Trips in Cairo. (if you are interested)

All taxes and charges are in all of our Tour Packages in Egypt.


Tipping in your tours in Cairo.

Entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun or King Siti I tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

International flight tickets.

extra drinks during meals.

On the first day of the Cairo to Luxor wheelchair tour, 4 days trip, the day you arrive, once when you get to Cairo international airport you will see your guide of your  Egypt tours, the tour leader is an expert. that will transfer you to the middle of Cairo in the 5-star hotel where you are close to the locals with also a great view. you will have a restful time on your first day in your room to arrange and get ready for the second day of the journey.

when the sunrise of the second day, take your breakfast at the hotel, then meet our respective tour guide to take you to the first site which is:

The Giza pyramids and sphinx.

one of the world's seven wonders, with its pyramidic shape and numerous of huge bricks that no one till now has a sure idea of how they built. and the great sphinx is laying in front of them for protection.

Then you will be taken by wheels to a restaurant for lunch. then transfer to the next spot which is:

The Egyptian museum.

to set eyes on the real beauty collection of the whole of Egyptian history more than just the pharaohs all in the Egyptian museum. then you will have a free tour of the shopping.

Then set up yourself to go back to the hotel by the A/C wheels for an overnight stay.

Note: and if you like different places you can choose to have. the Giza pyramids, sphinx, and the Egyptian museum tour, or tour to the old Cairo and khan el Khalili bazaar.

On the third day of the Cairo to Luxor wheelchair tour,4 days tour. arrange your baggage to transfer from your hotel by air conditioner coach to the Cairo airport after taking your tasty breakfast at the hotel. once when you get to the Luxor international airport and start the journey of the Luxor attractions with:

The Karnak temple:

The temple raised the state in tourism because of its splendor and has become one of the most famous tourist places in the world. it contains 3 small parts but are not less important than the major part.

Luxor temple: 

the ancient kings decided to build an immortal temple to last for life, and the first king started with the first step was king amonhotep|||.

The last spot we have is the Hatshepsut temple.

the temple was built by queen Hatshepsut's life partner and this temple gave her the surname of the pharaoh then she killed him to not build a new better one than hers, know more about this story when you visit the beautiful temple with its mysterious history. 

Have your lunch at one of Luxor's restaurants, then get ready to back to your hotel again by private car. to have an overnight comfortable sleep.

Set up yourself for the last day of the Cairo to Luxor wheelchair tour, 4 days: and don't forget to come back again after we take you to the airport to fly all the way back to Cairo.

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The governorate of Luxor contains only one-sixth of the world's monuments and one-third of Egypt's monuments. It includes many ancient Pharaonic monuments divided by the eastern and western Breen. In the east, there are the temple of Luxor, the Crank and the Rams Road, and the Museum of Luxor and Mummification.

The West Land includes the Canyons of Kings and Queens, the temples of Hatchepsut, the Seaside Monastery, and Ramseum, and is represented by Mannun, the city of Habu, the city's directorate, and the great martyr Mary Gergus.
Join our tour to jointly explore Luxor's tourism treasures and highlights!


The Temple of Hatshepsut is characterized by its own unique architectural design compared to the Egyptian temples built on the east bank of the Nile in Taiba. The temple consists of three consecutive floors on open balconies. Built from limestone, the temple erected in front of the columns of the second floor limestone statues of the god Osiris and Queen Hatshepsut in a beautiful distribution.


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