Overnight Trip from Marsa Alam to Cairo and Luxor

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Overnight from Marsa Alam to Cairo and Luxor.

With our top-rated Cairo tours, you'll have the best Egypt travel experiences with the best prices in Marsa Alam day tours – don't miss this amazing opportunity to explore all of the iconic sights in Luxor and Karnak, as well as the Giza pyramids and more. Traveling from Marsa Alam to Luxor by car, visiting all the Luxor attractions mentioned in the itinerary, and spending the night in Luxor. Then traveling from Luxor to Cairo by air, visiting all the Cairo attractions mentioned in the itinerary during the day. Finally, we'll take you back to Marsa Alam by air from Cairo.  



Pick-up services by our tour leader.

one night in Luxor 5-star hotel.

Domestic flight from Luxor to Cairo and back

Entrance fees and tickets to the mentioned sites.

All transportation services.

Professional tour guide during all your Egypt Day Tours.

All Luxor sightseeing tours mentioned are included.

Meals as mentioned in the itinerary.

Free bottled water during your Egypt trips.

All service charges and taxes are included in the price.


Any extra tours that are not mentioned in our Egypt Tours itinerary.

Tipping is not included.

Personal expenses.

Beverage during meals.

The first day is the pick-up day. you will be taken by our professional tour leader from Cairo top tours. the tour leader will lead you to the best sites to visit. then you will meet our tour guide in Luxor, as you are going to travel by car, directly to Luxor from Marsa Alam.

Then the journy will bigen. 

Firstly by visiting, the valley of kings

The valley of kings is known because of its tombs as it is not just an ancient Egyptian tombs but they are royal tombs, these tombs got a lot of beautiful and mysterious paintings that are still on the walls of the tombs from over a thousands of years till now with preserving the colors till now days go visit it to know more.

Then you gonna go to the second spot which is Hatshepsut temple.

The temple of the ancient woman the queen Hatshepsut that ruled Egypt in the past, is distinguished by its unique architectural design compared to the Egyptian temples that were built on the eastern bank of the Nile in Thebes. then after we are done with this temple 

We gonna take you to the third spot of the unique trip. the colossi of Memnon.

They are two huge statues, the only remaining from a temple built for the king Amenhotep the third. the statues represent 3 faces, king Amenhotep |||, his wife Tyie, and mother Mutemwiya.

Now it is time for the tasty lunch. 

Then for the last spot in Luxor. the Karnak temple.

It is the temple of Amun Ra, it was the biggest temple at its peak, it now contains a lot of quarries, and it was the largest religious temple of ancient times. 

Explore more with our professional tour guide

At the end of the day, you gonna have the overnight, get some relaxing sleep on the land of pharaohs. 


On day 2: the last day of the trip you gonna be able to visit some of the almighty Cairo attractions and take a chance for shopping if you like to buy something. but first, you have to visit the great pyramids of Giza. as you will be taken from Luxor to Cairo by air.

The great pyramids of Giza.

they are one of the world's seven wonders and till now no one has an idea of how they got built all what they got is just some ideas and theories.

we gonna take you to the biggest pyramid.

this one that built for the great pharaoh Khufu. there are still no discovered chambers and the king's chamber still no one has an idea of its exact place. the pyramid is designed for the soul Reception of the king once again after his death to start to live an immortal life.

then it is time for the great sphinx.

these huge statues are made to scare the enemies and make them run away as its face was designed by a face of a man and its body got the shape of a lion and that means that Sphinx is so smart as he got the human head and is so strong as a lion.

then the valley temple.

in this temple you will see the house of the pharaoh Khafraa it is actually his home, it was made for the Reception of the king again after his death because of the idea of the Resurrection and immortality.

then it is time for lunch as you need to refresh again to complete your unique trip.

and in the last, you will have the chance to see the Egyptian museum

the best way to see the Egyptian museum is only with Cairo top tours and see the rare antiques.

then, in the end, you gonna go to catch your flight to go back to Luxor, then to Marsa Alam by car.  

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