Luxor museum

The Luxor Museum is, compared to other museums in Egypt, quite small; however, it is very representative of the art and history of ancient Thebes. Among the pieces housed in this museum are mummies, jewelry and sculptures as well as military objects from Ancient Egypt. One of the most precious objects of the collection is the reconstruction of a wall of the temple of Kernak from the time of Ahkenaton where you can appreciate his own artistic style.

Luxor Museum in Luxor

Luxor Museum is taken into account one of the foremost vital places that include the most far-famed choice of ancient traces, designedly selected for excellence over capacity guaranteeing a very extraordinary tour of Egypt's majestic ancient history. it's situated in Nile River Corniche in downtown, Luxor, this Museum was bestowed to the general public in 1975 and its assortment was additionally gentle and straightforward.

Some of the Museum's numerous extraordinary examples are the healthy royal mummies of Ahmose I and Ramses II, who are bestowed while not their wrappings during a new wing that was adscititious to the depository in 2004.

King Ahmose | The Warrior Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

King Ahmose | The Warrior Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt


This extension was created to show to the Thebes of the New Kingdom had been tutored by children. you may notice 26 statues from the New Kingdom epoch that were found in 1986 in Luxor Temple which is extremely close.

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Also, remains taken from King Tutankhamun's topographic point that was placed on the primary floor of the museum are one of the museum's most fascinating displays. There also are Coptic monuments from the fifth century A.D. and Islamic items that date back to the Mamluk time. within the city depository, the best ancient statues and smallest things of everyday objects, are recognized as symbols of Egypt's surprisingly long and a number of other historical ages. city depository, furthermore as several alternative nice sites, are available for a visit via our Egypt Travel Packages, Egypt Day Tours 

Nearby the Museum there is Abu Al Haggag Mosque which was built on the ruins of the Luxor temple and it has a big traditional festival called Moulid Abu Al Haggag you can try it and know more other activities when you check the link out 

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