Kitchener's Island in Aswan | El Nabatat Island

The Island of Plants, one of the oldest parks in the world and the most important tourist attraction in the city of Aswan. It is located all on one island, containing many rare trees and plants, and this island has witnessed the visit of many prominent historical figures, perhaps the most important of them, Nehru, Prime Minister of India.

Kitchener transformed the 750-meter island into a paradise of exotic trees and plants surrounding the gardens with paths to see this spectacular view. It then transferred to the ownership of the Egyptian government and used the island as a research station called the Plant Research Institute, or better known as the Aswan Botanical Island.

The island of Nabatiye "Kitchener" is one of the two main islands on the Nile near Aswan, and the other is the elephant. The elephantine is the largest between Nabatat Island and the city of Aswan (East Bank). Therefore, it may be difficult to see the smaller Nabatat Island than Aswan: "Aswan is hidden behind Elephantine Island.

The island is one of the best reasons to visit Aswan to see the Aswan Botanical Gardens. Passengers can sail by the local Felucca ride in Aswan boat or take a motorboat within Egypt day tours to the east bank of the Nile to reach this island.

The island has 3 entrances. The main entrance is at the northern end of the island, the best way to see the island, without much walking, is to enter the main entrance and walk along the island until you reach the southern end and book a felucca from there and ask the captain to wait for you at the other end. The Botanical Island of Aswan is divided into 27 squares cut by vertical and horizontal tracks making it like a chessboard. It is an amazing experience to explore this island and everything it has to offer during our Aswan excursions.

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There is a big group of farms and trees on the island. Some of them were grown normally on the island, before being transformed into a floral island, and they were delivered there. There are several unique palm trees such as the royal palm tree, the sabal palm tree, and the phonic palm tree.

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