Bubastis Ancient City | Tell-Basta | Per-Bast

The city of Bubastis or Tell-Basta is an important religious center and one of the capitals of ancient Egypt. Because of its location at the eastern entrance to Egypt, it faced the regiments coming from the east across the Sinai and encountered many of the conquerors and invaders. I was honored that it was a transit and temporary residence for the Virgin Mary and her son Christ "peace be upon them" upon their arrival in Egypt.

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The town of "Bubastis" is one of the largest ancient cities in Egypt. In modern times Bubastis is situated in Sharkia province and is called by the local as "Tel Basta", or the great idol, it takes you about 2 hours driving by a modern car to reach the governorate of Sharkia from Cairo through a newly paved road that connects the two provinces. When you reach Sharkia you will have to ask about the road that takes to Zagazig city to reach your final destination and get to explore the monuments and what remains of the ancient city "Bubastis". The graceful cat goddess Bastet, was the goddess of love and fertility. From the fourth dynasty onward the Pharaohs of the seventeenth, eighteenthand nineteenth dynasties and the twenty-second dynasty put their buildings and additions to the temple over a period of time over 1700 years.

Tel Basta was the capital of the 18th region in the ancient Egyptian state. It became the capital of the whole country during the reign of the 22nd dynasty and it has been named in the past as "Basbastast" after the name of Goddess "Bastet", the goddess of fun, happiness, and comfort, then the word was recently corrupted by Arabs to become "Tel Basta" which means the Mound of Bastet.

Among the most important monuments in the Tel Basta region are the great temple of the god Bastet, and the monuments of the temple constructed by King Khufu or King Cheops who built the great pyramid, and after him King Bebe, from the kings of the Sixth Dynasty, and other kings of ancient Egypt and the Central State.

 It includes monuments dating back to the Hyksos who occupied Egypt, until King Ramses the Second erected huge buildings in this city, with traces of the king Osorkon II of the twenty-second dynasty kings 

It was honored that she was a temporary crossing and seat for the Virgin Mary and her newborn, Christ, "peace be upon them", upon their arrival in Egypt.

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