New Valley Governorate Egypt | New Valley Governorate Attractions

New natural depression Governorate is one among the twenty-seven governorates of Egypt and is set within the southwestern a part of the country. It includes a number of the desert space of the desert, between northern Sudan, the Nile and southeastern Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Comprising of nearly common fraction of Egypt, the New natural depression Governorate is that the country’s largest governorates and one among the largest regions on the African continent. Its capital is Kharga, among the Kharga Oasis.

New natural depression governorate embraces many traveler attractions, most vital of that are: Hibis Temple which dates back to 550 B.C., Bhagwat Tombs initiate in the second and third century and have 263 structures in form of domes clutches within the middle purpose one among Egypt's oldest churches - the Exodus Church. The governorate conjointly enjoys all components of curative business enterprise since its hot and chemical element springs, moreover as a pollution-free dry climate. Moreover, the governorate encompasses a heap of diversified investment opportunities within the agricultural activities in Toshka, East Oweinat, and Farafra. With respect to industrial investments, the Associate in Nursing industrial zone in al-Kharga was established over a hundred and eighty Feddans moreover as another zone in al-Dakhla over seventy Feddans additionally to a zone for serious industries in north Kharga. Furthermore, there are investment opportunities in the business enterprise field wherever business enterprise comes at current. raise this, there are various service opportunities: institution of personal hospitals, laptop centers, and automotive services centers.


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