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Qaliubiya is one of the bigger Cairo region’s governorates. It lies to the east of the Nile at the terribly prime of Egypt's Delta region. Shoubra el-Khaima is that the capital town of Qaliubiya governorate. The region is central to Lower Egypt's agriculture and this value helps to form Qaliubiya the hub that links Lower Egypt with administrative division.

Qalubiya is found at intervals in the East Nile River Region at the head of the Delta. it's bordered at intervals the south by  Cairo governorate, at intervals the north by Dakahleyia, and Gharbia, at intervals the east by the Sharkqia, and at intervals the west by Menofa.

Agricultural activities Qaliubiya

is widespread for growing apricots, bananas, citrus fruits, wheat, cotton, and maize, and each one totally different kind of vegetable. it's put together as a major provider of agricultural crops to Cairo as a full. Qalyubia is widely legendary across Egypt for its large-scale production of crops, vegetables, and fruits.

Industries at intervals the house Qaliubiya hosts many large industrial factories for the assembly of metal merchandise, food method and packing, oil purification, vehicle, plastic and electrical appliance manufacture, spinning, and weaving. the economic zone throughout this house is to boot widespread for the fertilizers and chemical industries, still as poultry, metal, weaving and spinning, food merchandise, packing plastics, cosmetics, prescribed drugs, waste usage, and many of various sectors.

The gear signifies the importance of trade at intervals in the governorate, which has the most important industrial zone in Egypt so much and away. the brand put together shows the two branches of the agricultural sector and additionally the barriers at intervals at the center of the Nile River that manages the water level. The governorate is to boot rich in traveler destinations and distinctive monuments, furthermore because of the Streep in Banha Markaz.

The governorate is additionally made of holidaymaker destinations and distinctive monuments, as well as the Streep in Banha Markaz. Qaliubiya is additionally home to the El-Khairiya repository, all told|one amongst|one in every of} the foremost distinctive and well-loved museums in all of Egypt.




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