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  • Ait Ben Haddou

    Ait Ben Haddou

    Ait Ben Haddou: The Red Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a stunning fortified village in Morocco. With its distinctive red mud-brick buildings and intricate architecture, it offers a captivating glimpse into the region's history and culture. Explore the narrow alleys, marvel at the ancient structures, and soak in the majestic views of the surrounding desert landscape.

  • Chefchaouen


    Chefchaouen, known as the blue city, is a stunning destination nestled in the Rif Mountains. Explore its picturesque streets, visit the Kasbah Museum, and marvel at the breathtaking mountain views, making it a photographer's dream.

  • Tangier


    Experience the beauty of Tangier, one of Morocco's finest coastal cities. Immerse yourself in its rich history shaped by Spanish and Moroccan influences. Explore the historic Kasbah for breathtaking views, and wander through the bustling medina.

  • Atlas Mountains

    Atlas Mountains

    The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are a breathtaking range of peaks that offer stunning natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Explore picturesque valleys, hike scenic trails, and discover the rich culture in the villages nestled among these majestic mountains.

  • The White City Casablanca

    The White City Casablanca

    Casablanca is a lively city in Morocco that combines modern and traditional elements. You can visit the impressive Hassan II Mosque. Explore its lively markets, stroll along the picturesque Corniche, and savor the diverse culinary delights.

  • Marrakech's Medina.

    Marrakech's Medina.

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant and historic Marrakech Medina, a maze of narrow streets, bustling markets, and architectural gems. Explore centuries-old landmarks, including the iconic Koutoubia Mosque and lively Jemaa el-Fnaa square.

  • 05 16, 2023

Nekhbet was often pictured as spreading her wings over the ruler while grasping in her claw the cartouch image or different emblems. She appeared as a girl, typically with a vulture’s head, sporting a white crown, and was generally delineated suckling the ruler. the middle of Nekhbet’s cult was El-Kāb, however, her principal epithet created her the immortal of Hierakonpolis (or Nekhen), the traditional city opposite El-Kāb, on the geographical region of the Nile River.

El Kab Luxor Egypt | El Kab Thebes Luxor

El Kab Luxor Egypt | El Kab Thebes Luxor


Nekhbet was the patron of administrative division, showing the unity of the “Two ladies” within the Nebty name of the ruler (with her counterpart Wadjet). She was typically known as “Hedjet” (White Crown) in relevance to the crown of the administrative division and frequently seems as a heraldic device representing the administrative division. She was conjointly a defender of royal kids and, in later periods, of all young kids and expectant mothers.

There is proof that Nekhbet was already standard in Predynastic Egypt however was specifically related to the city of Nekheb (her name truly means “she of Nekheb”). However, by the first family amount, Nekheb and Nekhen (cult center of Egyptian deity the Elder) had incorporated and she or he and Wadjet were combined to make the Nebty name of the pharaoh; her position as a representative of administrative division was absolutely established.

References within the Pyramid Texts (from the Fifth Dynasty) ensure that Nekhbet was thought-about to be a creator immortal with the epithet “Father of Fathers, Mother of Mothers, who has existed from the start, and is Creator of this World”. She was diagrammatical on the king’s Nemes clothing as a vulture or a snake and from the Fourth folk vulture clothing for an excellent royal spouse.


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Goddess Nekhbet is an ancient Egyptian deity associated with vultures. She is often depicted as a vulture or as a woman with the head of a vulture. Nekhbet holds the title of the protector of Upper Egypt and is believed to symbolize maternal love and protection.


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