Re-Hor-Achti ( God of ancient Egypt )

Re-Hor-achti is an ancient Egyptian deity, which combines the god Ra, which is the solar disc, with the god Horus represented through horizons.

Re-Hor-Achti ( God of ancient Egypt )

is the main god for Abu Simbel temple ( Ramsis II temple ) its represented in  Hours god with falcon form and the sun disk above his head which point to Re god 

Re-Hor Achti worshiped in Abo-Simbel and Wadi El-SaboaaIt is sometimes symbolized by the form of a human being surmounted by the head of a falcon carrying on its head a sun disk surrounded by a snake "Urius"

It is a symbol of the union between the sun god "Ra" (whose faith spread in particular in northern Egypt, where the city of "Heliopolis" was the seat of his worship), and the god of heaven "Horus" (whose faith spread in Edfu in southern Egypt) and after the union of the northern and southern faces united the priests Between the gods of the North and the South in the form of (Ra-Harakhti) and the union between them symbolized the divine journey of the sun's rays from east to west
The ancient Egyptian believed that this divine entity participated in the creation of the world and that the sunrise is a symbol of this creation, as they considered the daily cycle of the sun from its rising and setting and then it's shining again on the next day, which is nothing but a symbol of regeneration and from here, Ra considered the supreme power of creation as he considered the Lord of life ... there is no life without the sun


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