God Sobek

Subic was an ancient Egyptian nature-associated deity, also known as Sobek. It was all associated with royal strength, fertility and military prowess. He was also known as a protector of dangerous properties and was particularly associated with the dangers posed by flooding in the Nile.

God Sobek is considered to be a patron of the Egyptian army, a defender of the Pharaoh. He was worshiped widely during the old kingdom. Sobek’s name is found in the Pyramid Texts, the oldest known corpus of ancient Egyptian religious texts. In the Unas Pyramid Texts, the pharaoh Unas is said to be “Sobek with a green feather, with watchful face, with uplifted brow”.

The consort of Sobek differs from place to place, though the goddesses most commonly paired with him are Hathor, Renenutet, Heqet, and Tawaret. Additionally, Sobek is sometimes referred to as the father of Khonsu, Khnum, or Horus.

Sobek is said to be the son of Neith, another old deity of the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Neith is said to have given birth to her children without a partner. In others, however, it is believed that Seth was the father of Sobek. Yet in other accounts, Sobek is said to have emerged out of the primeval waters of Nun.

A myth said that the crocodile god created the world and the Nile was formed from his sweat. Sobek’s association with the Nile also meant that he was regarded as a fertility god who was responsible for ensuring the fertility of the land. In another myth, Sobek created the world by laying eggs on the bank of the waters of Nun.

The Gods of ancient Egypt were very much like humans they loved and hated, they felt jealous and fought, they took revenge, killed, and also died during an amazing myth full of joyful, action, and dramatic events that inspired modern movie directors and producers to create world-famous movies about the grandeur of the Pharaohs and the Gods they worshipped.

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