God Ptah | the God of Creation and Craftsmen

"Ptah" in ancient Egyptian religion is the god in whom the power of the creation process resides and the first deity in creation. Therefore, all the kings of Egypt who ruled it for long periods of time were similar to him. The Egyptians believed that he was the creator, the inspiration, and the protector of artists, so he was the ideal for artists.

God Ptah 

Ptah was the high priest of his temple at Memphis and also the god of Crafts. He was one of the Triad of Memphis with his wife Sekhmet (one of the oldest and most powerful deities. represented as a lioness, the daughter of the sun god Amun Ra, and is known as the goddess of sun and war)and Nefertum (he represents the sunrise, and it is said that he created mankind from his tears).

Ptah also held an important ritual called (Opening of the Mouth), a funerary ritual to ensure that the deceased person would be able to eat and drink in the afterlife.

The God of Creation and Craftsmen

In the Old Kingdom, he was already identified with Sokar, the god of the necropolis of Memphis: Ptah and Sokar thus unified the city of the living with the city of the dead. A further identification, which moves from Osiris as the god of the dead, leads to the formation of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, as a transcendent divinity in Memphis and, by now. Starting from the New Kingdom he regains his individuality, he is the husband of the goddess Sekhmet and the father of the god Nefertum.


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