King Unas | Last King of the 5th Dynasty

King Unas is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh and the last ruler of the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. it is believed that the pyramid of Unas was the first appearance of the pyramid texts .

King Unas | Last King of the 5th Dynasty

It was Unas who created the practice of listing some magic spells on the walls of the tomb. The burial chamber contained the remains of a mummy. These included the skull, shin, and right arm. However, whether these belonged to the king is not known. Near the pyramid, some mastabas contained the burials of the consorts of the king. The pyramid was undoubtedly a rich source of inspiration to many.

Pharaoh of Egypt between 2385 and 2355 B.C He was the 9th and last pharaoh of the 5th dynasty, the successor to Tancheres (Djedkare-Isesi), perhaps his father. He reigned for thirty years, according to the Royal Papyrus of Turin, or 33 years according to Manetho the great historian, who calls him Wins. His Horus name was not certain.

In his small pyramid, erected in Saqqara, the king had for the first time inscribed, on the inner walls, a series of religious formulas known as the Pyramid Texts, which until his time had been transmitted orally. In fact, they constituted the oldest funeral ritual of humanity. Even though this pyramid was violated in the 9th century, still in 1881, it was possible to collect, among other objects, some remains of the king's mummy.

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