Beni Hassan Tombs in El Minya city

The Bani Hassan area, south of Minya, is one of the most important archaeological and tourist areas in Upper Egypt. It is an archaeological area containing an ancient Egyptian cemetery. It is located 20 kilometers south of the city of Minya, in the area known as Middle Egypt, which extends between Assiut and Manf as "Mit Rahina".

Beni Hassan Tombs in El Minya city

The tombs of Bani Hassan were hewn from the mountain to be the burial of the nobility during the Middle Kingdom, specifically from the era of the eleventh dynasty and twelfth dynasty around 1800 BC, meaning that the age of these tombs is about 4000 years, and the number 39 cemeteries. Amenemhat “It is the four completely complete graves that are intended for visiting in addition to some other incomplete cemeteries”

Some believe that the reason that this cemetery is incomplete is that the nature of the mountain is inappropriate and others believe that the reason is that the owner of the cemetery no longer has the possibility to complete it and from these incomplete cemeteries we came to know the way of carving the cemetery.

The city of Minya is located in Central Egypt, to the south of the governorates of Fayoum and Beni Sueif, and it is about 245 km south of Cairo.
The name of Minya is an ancient Egyptian, it is derived from Minya, meaning a reference port for its location on the Nile River.
Or, it is derived from the word banned a reference to banned Khufu, the capital of the sixteenth region, meaning the wet nurse of Khufu, and it is said that King Khufu spent his childhood in Minya.

He covered the walls of the cemetery with a layer of mortar and then began to draw aspects of daily life from agriculture, industry, and religious life, meaning that the tombs of Bani Hassan are a complete record that records the aspects of daily life in Egypt in the era of the Middle Kingdom.

The tombs of Bani Hassan reflect the political contrast between the Kings and the rulers. When the pharaoh became weak, the power of the rulers increased and when the pharaoh issued a decision to centralize power, they appointed the governors. These tombs include inscriptions showing fishing, animals, birds, travel, wars, and various sports such as wrestling. You will also see great illustrations on the front.

Archaeological tombs can be visited from the city of Minya via the Zawya Sultan Road, and the visit takes an entire day from Cairo, by Cairo top tours


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