8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour

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8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour

On this 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour, you will get to visit the Pyramids and the famous Sphinx with the most interesting Egyptian Museum tour in Cairo, Explore the western desert, and go on a desert safari adventure that covers the White Desert and The Black Desert as well as the important Oases in Egypt.


Transportation and assistance of our representatives during the 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour

All transports to the mentioned sites and from/ to the airport are done by a private nonsmoking vehicle.

All your Egypt tours are strictly private.

An Egyptologist guide will be with you during your 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour.

Stops for snacks upon request.

Mineral bottle of water daily during your Egypt day tours and airport transfer.

Shopping tours in Cairo. (if you are interested)

All service charges and taxes are included.

shopping tours in Cairo


Egypt entry visa. Costs 25 USD at Cairo International Airport.

Your accommodation in Cairo for 3 nights is not included.

Tickets and entrance fees to all the sites in Cairo as mentioned in our cheapest tour in 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour are not included.

Beverage during meals.

Tour price doesn't apply during peak seasons like the Xmas and New Year tours in Egypt or during Egypt Easter tours.

Our tour leader will be waiting for you inside Cairo International Airport with a signboard having your name. to accompany you by private vehicle to the hotel in Giza or Cairo on your first day in the 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour. Once you reach the hotel we will help with fast check-in.

Spend your first night in Cairo.

Welcome Drink at the hotel

In the morning you will have a delicious breakfast at the hotel then your tour guide will accompany you to start your 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour by visiting 

Giza Necropolis includes three pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, which were built around 25 centuries BC. They are royal tombs, each bearing the name of the king who built it and who was buried in it. The pyramid building here is the stage of the development of tomb architecture in ancient Egypt. 

then you will have memorable photos with the sphinx Some archaeologists believe that King Khufu was the one who built it, as the face of the Sphinx resembles a statue of Khufu, (and does not resemble the statues of Khafre). In fact, the question of who built the Sphinx is still open to research. It is said that he represents the sun god "Hor-em-akhit".

Your lunch will be served in a high-quality restaurant in Cairo, then you will be driving to the Islamic Cairo, You will be taken to relish or Coptic Cairo tour and visit the old Roman fortress of Babylon that was built by Emperor Trajan. Then proceed to visit the Egyptian Museum, your guide will explain to you all the important information about all the masterpieces.

then you will be Back again to the hotel and overnight in Cairo.

On your third day of 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour you will have your breakfast at the hotel then will check out and the tour guide will meet you in front of the hotel with a private vehicle and drive you to Bahariya Oasis that will take about four hours from Cairo.

Upon arrival, you will be taken to visit the valley of golden mummies which were discovered by chance when a donkey carriage was stuck into the hole, which led to the discovery of thousands of mummies in gold. 

then you will visit the Tombs of the Nobles who ruled the oasis during the Pharaonic period.

 In addition, the temple of Alexander the Great in Bahariya Oasis was discovered by Egyptian archaeologists.

Enjoy a pleasant lunch at the oasis and you will be transferred to the hotel for check-in to spend the afternoon.

you will be able to enjoy the minerals of the groundwater when you take a dip into the hot spring of the hotel. and before the sunset, you will be taken to climb the Black Mountain to see the ruins of the English house on top of the mountain and get a panoramic scenery of the entire oasis.

then spend the night at Bahariya Oasis.

After having your pleasant breakfast on the fourth day of 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour, you will begin your day by visiting the large salt lake in Bahariya and the golden sand dunes, then you will take an excursion to see the palm trees and the local fruits gardens.

After that, you will have a delicious lunch then you will go to discover the Black Desert which is in Bahariya Oasis is one of the most important natural tourist attractions in Egypt and the world, and it is made of mountains of volcanic rocks scattered like an archipelago of islands then Continue to the quartz Crystal Mountain and the Valley of Agabat after a short stop at the Valley of El Haize.

then you will visit the White Desert which is a strange phenomenon among the deserts of the whole world, which is located in the Bahariya Oasis north of the Farafra Oasis in the New Valley Governorate in Egypt, and its area is more than 3000 square kilometers.

you will spend that night camping in the white desert.

Have your daily breakfast made by the locals and the popular morning tea-mint on the fifth day of 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour we will head to the oasis of Farafra, in Farafra you can enjoy the sulfur hot water spring of Bir Setta then you will visit the old town of Al Qasr and drive from Farafa to Dakhla for about 3 hours.

at that time you will be able to visit the Roman Temple of Deir El Hagar in the middle of the desert and half-buried by the sand dunes.

After taking your lunch, visit the old Islamic Village of Al Qasr dates back to the twelfth century A.D.

then in the afternoon relax by the pool-like hot spring then visit the verdant Dakhla farms which are full of golden sand dunes and the clear blue sky above.

Spend the night in Dakhla at Desert lodge hotel.

On your sixth day of 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour and after enjoying your breakfast you will get prepared to begin your tour at Dakhla Oasis where you will visit  Qasr El Labkha, a Roman fortress on the old caravan route, and the Kharga Museum. also visit the Roman Temple of Hibis and Nadura from outside as well as Bagawat the oldest Christian cemetery all over the world.

then will head to Baris Oasis, the smallest and the cutest of the Western Desert Oasesand visit the Temple of Dush standing in the middle of an entire flourishing settlement and The fortress, the Temple which is devoted to Isis and Serapis.

then you will spend the night Enjoying camping in the middle of the golden sand dunes in Kharga.

On your seventh day of the 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour, you will have a traditional breakfast in the morning that is freshly made by the Bedouins.

Then you and your tour guide and private driver will return to Cairo,

Spend your night in the Cairo hotel.

Enjoy your last breakfast at the Cairo hotel on the eighth day of the 8 Days Cairo and The Oasis Budget Tour

the tour leader will meet you to be transferred to Cairo International Airport, and he will assist you to board your international flight for your international departure from Egypt.

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In Cairo, there are lots of fun things to do and see. You can stay in nice hotels by a big river called the Nile. There is a museum with really old Egyptian stuff and famous buildings like the Pyramids and the Sphinx. There is also a special place called Bahariya Oasis in the desert. One cool thing to see there is the White Desert, which has rocks that look really weird because of wind over a long period of time.

Egypt is known for its interesting places and the five great oases of Egypt are Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga, although in this guide we have also included St. Catherine in Sinai. Each of them is located in a depression in the terrain and is home to bodies of water of varying sizes that allow life to develop.

The most interesting things to see when you travel to Egypt are :

Cairo is the largest metropolitan area in Africa and the entire Arab world.
The pyramids of Giza.
The necropolis of Saqqara.
Pyramids of Dhashur.
A cruise on the Nile.
Temple of Luxor. 
Temple of Karnak.
Valley of the Kings


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