Tombs of the Nobles in Bahariya Oasis | Nobles Tombs Bahariya

Tombs of the nobles, also known as the Dome of the Hawa Tombs, in reference to the tomb of Sheikh "Ali Abu El Hawa", which is located on top of the hill. These tombs pecked the rocks of the hills northwest of Aswan and have direct views of the botanical island and Elephantine Island.

Tombs of the Nobles in Bahariya Oasis

The tombs of the rulers of Bahariya Oasis and the nobility during the 26th dynasty are located in the central village of the Oasis called Bawiti near the museum of the golden mummies and the ticket's office, not far from the tourism information and the police station.

In the village of Qasr Selim, there is a mound you will have to go a little bit uphill to reach the entrances of the tombs. it is a group of tombs including the tomb of Panintu and his son, they are decorated with the famous Egyptian themes that show the various deities and the Nobleman approaches them in different gestures of adoration, you can also see the colorful scene of the final judgment inside the tomb of Panintu when the heart of the deceased is weight against the feather or the symbol of goddess Maat of justice and truth to determine if he is an honest man whose heart is equal to the feather of justice, or if the heart is full of sin and will be heavier than the feather.  the tombs were reused during the Greco-Roman period which witnessed a heavy existence because of the agricultural activities, that's why you see a lot of burials and sarcophagi which date back to a later age than the tombs themselves.

The tomb of Panintu consists of an entrance hall, and a pillar room leading to the burial chamber. You can see this amazing place if you book one of our best Egypt Day Tours, Cairo Day Trips, and the Bahariya Oasis and White Desert Tour from Cairo which will give you the opportunity to see the Western Desert's landscapes and the lush date palm groves of the Oasis along with other sites like Temple of Ain El Muftella, Valley of Ashgabat and the White Desert.


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