"Unlock the Wonders of Egypt: Luxury Tour to Cairo, White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis!"

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With our Egypt luxury travel packages, treat yourself to a sumptuous tour of Cairo, the White Desert, and the Bahariya Oasis. This thoughtfully planned schedule guarantees an amazing experience by combining history, scenic beauty, and leisure.

Your journey begins in Cairo, where you'll explore the ancient wonders of the city. Marvel at the magnificent pyramids of Giza, including the Great Pyramid, and discover the enigmatic Sphinx. Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Cairo as you visit the Egyptian Museum, home to a vast collection of artifacts.

Next, venture into the enchanting White Desert, a surreal landscape of white limestone formations that resemble an otherworldly moonscape. Marvel at the unique rock formations and enjoy the serenity of the desert as you unwind in the lap of luxury.

Continuing your journey, you'll visit the Bahariya Oasis, a hidden gem tucked away in the Western Desert. Explore the lush palm groves, refreshing hot springs, and ancient ruins of this oasis. Engage with the local culture and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals as you immerse yourself in the oasis lifestyle.



  • Our tour guides will meet you at the airport.
  • Assistance from Cairo Top Tours staff
  • A private air-conditioned van arranges all transfers.
  • 4 nights of accommodation with breakfast in Cairo
  • One-night accommodation with breakfast in Bahariya Oasis
  • Camping is a type of accommodation in the White Desert.
  • Entrance fees and tickets to all the above-mentioned places
  • On request, stop for snacks.
  • All meals are included in the program.
  • Shopping excursions to Bahariya Oasis and Cairo
  • On all tours in Egypt, bottled water and soft drinks are provided.
  • Taxes and all service charges are included.
  • Tickets for a global flight.
  • Egyptian entry permit.
  • Drinks served with meals.
  • Our tours to Cairo and the Bahariya Oasis do not include gratuities.
  • Peak travel times, such as Christmas tours in Egypt, the New Year, and Egypt Easter trips, are exempt from the tour price.

At the Cairo International Airport, the tour leader of Cairo Top Tours will greet and help you. You will then meet your English-speaking tour guide and go to your hotel to check in and spend the night.

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up and drive you in a luxury air-conditioned vehicle to the noble tombs of the Saqqara Necropolis, where you can see the tombs of Ilkapta and King Sechemkhet.

To continue your journey to Memphis Necropolis, the Old Kingdom's first capital, you will see the Mit Rahina open-air museum, which has the famous Alabaster Sphinx as well as the enormous statues of Ramses II. These sites are sure to fascinate you and will help you understand the history and culture of the Old Kingdom.

The Bent Pyramid is one of the most well-preserved pyramids at Giza, known as Dahshur, With your Egyptologist and private driver, it is a unique and special experience.

Our Cairo day tours will give you the chance to get some great professional shots that will capture the best moments from your Egypt tours. Plus, we'll provide a delicious lunch at a local favorite restaurant.

Return you to your hotel and stay overnight.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guide will meet you at the hotel to take you on a full-day trip to Old Cairo. The Saladin Citadel of Cairo, an ancient Islamic citadel in Cairo, is a great starting point. After lunch, you will continue to Al-Rifa'i Mosque, which is close to Cairo Castle. The structure, which was constructed by Sultan Hassan in the year 1361, is situated across from the Mosque-Madrassa. It is said to be a complement to the older structure.

One of Cairo's biggest and most striking mosques and madrassas, the Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa, was constructed during the Mamluk era when Muslims governed Egypt in the Middle Ages. An-Nasir Hasan, a lesser-known sultan, commissioned the mosque, which is renowned for its enormous size and futuristic architectural characteristics.
The Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa was one of Cairo's most striking mosques when it was constructed. It had very distinctive, huge dimensions and state-of-the-art architectural characteristics. The eminent historian Al-Maqrizi even asserted that the mosque was one of the many "wonders of construction" and that the unimpressive and transient monarch, Nasir Hasan, had ordered it built.

Let me stay the night at your hotel.

Starting your trip from your accommodation will help you enjoy our safari tour to the White Desert and the Bahariya Oasis. The travel time from Cairo to the Bahriya Oasis, including a quick break, is about four hours. At the Bahariya Oasis, you will see the Valley of Golden Mummies and the Temple of Alexander the Great. After a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, we'll head back to the hotel for a quick soak in the hot springs. Later in the afternoon, we'll be picked up again and taken to Mount Black He to see the ruins of the "English House" and take in the breathtaking view of the night oasis.



After breakfast, we'll drive to the White Desert, which is part of the Farafra Oasis. On the way, we'll make a stop at the Black Desert, which is home to many black formations and mountains covered with ancient volcanic rock. The last town we'll pass before reaching the El Haize Valley is Bahariya, which has a thermal bath if you'd like.

We will take you to the breathtaking Valley of Agabat later on so you can try sandboarding and see the quartz crystals in the Crystal Mountains, Finally, you will spend the night camping in the White Desert and have the chance to witness a breathtaking sunset.


You'll go to the White Desert after breakfast to see the beautiful white limestone cliffs that have been sculpted over thousands of years by the yearly sandstorms, as well as to explore the hot springs.

Once you get to Bahariya Oasis, you will transfer to a vehicle that offers greater comfort. After that, you will drive Bahariya back to your Cairo hotel.

To take you to Cairo International Airport after breakfast, our representative will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby. Today marks the end of your stay in Egypt.

meals: breakfast

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You've definitely tried river boating and kayaking, but have you ever attempted cruising the waterways on a felucca? The Egyptian felucca is a wooden boat that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and gives a delightful way to view the Nile. It's a classic vessel with no sections, but it has plenty of room for sleeping and even eating on the floor. A felucca trip is just one of the many non-touristy things to do in Egypt. Cairo residents also enjoy shopping at Khan el-Khalili, attending performances at Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center, and relaxing at Al-Azhar Park.

Main courses. Egyptian cuisine is characterized by dishes such as ful medames, mashed fava beans; Koshary, a mixture of lentils, rice, pasta, and other ingredients; molokhiya, chopped and cooked jute leaf with garlic and coriander sauce; and feteer meshaltet.

Roman caverns, tombs, and sculptures can be found in the White Desert, along with a number of natural hot springs, including saltwater springs. But, places like the Black Desert offer even more magnificent views. 



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