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Sahure was the second pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty in ancient Egypt. He ruled Egypt for 12 years in the 25th century BC and built a pyramid for himself at Abu Sir, thus moving away from the tombs of his Fourth Dynasty ancestors located at Saqqara and Giza, where his ancestors built the pyramids at Giza, and perhaps the presence of the Temple of the Sun built by Userkaf, founder of the Fifth Dynasty there, was the motivation for that.

King Sahure

(About 2500 B.C). Pharaoh of ancient Egypt of the fifth dynasty (Heliopolis). He built a merchant fleet with which his sailors reached the coast of Phenicia and, it seems, the land of Punt (western Somalia). He organized various mining expeditions in Sinai.

The commercial expansion culminated with Sahure, pharaoh of the 5th dynasty, who managed to reach the coasts of Phenicia and the land of Punt (Somalia) by sea and established contacts with Crete.

Sahure was the second king of the Fifth Dynasty. He is represented celebrating the success of this venture in relief from his mortuary temple which shows him offering a myrrh tree in the garden of his palace named "Sahure's splendor rises to heaven". This relief is the only one in Egyptian art depicting king gardening. Sahure sent many expeditions to the turquoise and copper mines in Sinai.

The valley temple, causeway, and mortuary temple of his pyramid complex were once decorated by over 10,000 m2 of elegant reliefs, representing the highest form reached by this art during the Old Kingdom period. 

At the end of this period, the priests of Egypt increased their power further by producing magical spells that would help the pharaoh during his journey through the Underworld. These spells were inscribed on the walls of the pyramids. They became known as the Pyramid Texts and the majority of the text related to solar and celestial matters. The Pyramid texts admired both the sun god Amun Ra and also Osiris.


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