2 days from Cairo to Luxor including a hot air balloon

Price Starting From : $500

Luxor 2-Day tour from Cairo

If you're in Cairo, and you want to visit Luxor why not make it a two-day adventure?

From our Cairo day tours, you'll be able to see all of the sights of Luxor and its surrounding areas in two days. You'll get to visit Karnak Temple, one of the largest and most famous temples in Egypt. You'll also be able to explore the Valley of the Kings and The Mortuary Temple Of Hatshepsut At Deir El-Bahri—two places that are not to be missed if you're interested in ancient Egyptian history. Also, don't miss out on riding a hot air balloon over this incredible landscape!

A trip to Luxor is a great experience for discovering the miracles of ancient Egypt and Pharaonic culture. Luxor is a city located in southern Egypt and is one of the most important archaeological cities in the world.

 Cairo to Luxor Hot Air Balloon

Our two-day Luxor Day Tours from Cairo will allow you to experience everything our other day tours have to offer, but with extra time to explore each location at your leisure. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Luxor with the expertise of Luxor Day Tours, ensuring a comprehensive exploration that goes beyond the ordinary one-day excursion.


Meet and assist services by our tour leader from your hotel in Cairo and return.

Round-trip flight tickets from Cairo to Luxor

Accommodation for 1 night in a 5-star hotel in Luxor including breakfast.

Transportation is arranged by a private air-conditioned vehicle from Cairo top tours.

A certified English-speaking tour guide.

Entrance fees and tickets to the mentioned sites.

A 45 minutes Hot Air Balloon Tour in Luxor.

A gourmet lunch meal.

Bottles of water and cold drinks during Egypt Day Tours.

All taxes and service charges are included during Egypt Tours.


Any extra things that are not mentioned in the itinerary.

Tipping is optional.

Personal expenses.

You will be picked up by our staff that will be waiting for you at the Cairo International Airport, and then transferred to your hotel in Luxor city. Welcome to Luxor! We are glad that you have chosen our tours in Luxor. We will go straight to the Luxor east bank tour.

After breakfast, we will start the day by touring Karnak Temple, the largest ancient religious complex in Egypt. Built during the New Kingdom, it is one of the most impressive temples in all of Egypt. The temple was dedicated to Amun-Ra and his son, Mut. A massive temple precinct, which contains a number of subsidiary or "daughter" temples, covers an area of about two square miles (5 km²).

Then transfer to Luxor temple most beautiful example of Egyptian architecture and one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt. The temple was dedicated to Amun-Re and Hathor. It is generally considered one of the most beautiful buildings ever constructed by ancient Egyptians. Some scholars even consider it to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World! 

A hot air balloon is an amazing way to see the ancient monuments at sunrise, and you'll be able to capture these incredible sights on camera so you can share them with all your friends. Start your day with a hot air balloon ride over the West Bank of Luxor before touring the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Karnak. You'll admire the stunning scenery from above, including the Nile River and its surrounding deserts.

After lunch at your hotel or restaurant, head over to take a tour of the Valley of Kings and Hatshepsut temple. The Valley of Kings is where many famous pharaohs were buried and the Hatshepsut temple was built for Queen Hatshepsut's father, who wanted it built as his tomb. Then you will see Medinet Habu Temple, which was built during Egyptian times but destroyed by an earthquake in 1250 BC. Then you'll visit Ramesses III's tomb, which is known for its beautiful basalt statues depicting scenes from his life; next up is Ramesseum Temple—home of Ramses II's funerary temple where he's buried (plus his mummy). Afterward, visit Deir el-Bahri Temple—where Nefertiti is buried—then continue through more ruins until you'll return to Cairo and prepare for your flight home at night.



1 Person

$660 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$560 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$530 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$500 Per Person

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Travel to Egypt is synonymous with a visit to the Valley of the Kings, where more than 63 royal tombs rest, among them the most prominent pharaohs of the New Empire - 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasties.

The Temple Complex of Luxor is located on the eastern bank of Luxor River (Thebes ancient). In 1400 BC it was founded for the worship of Amun-Ra and Mut, his wife, built the temple of Luxor. It is one of the most prese...

The Karnak Temple is the largest and one of the most important temples in Egypt, and one of the largest pharaonic kingdoms in Egypt, as it provides a rich record of the Egyptian civilization from the Middle Kingdom to th...

The Luxor Museum is, compared to other museums in Egypt, quite small; however, it is very representative of the art and history of ancient Thebes. Among the pieces housed in this museum are mummies, jewelry and sculpture...

You will use the Luxor International Airport facilities on arrival or departure during your Egypt Travel Packages or Egypt Day Tours services at Cairo Top Tours, or even while on a Nile Tour in Egypt.

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The Queen's valley, near the Kings' valley on the west bank of Luxor, was buried by the pharaoh's wives and princes, of the different aristocrats.

A place where nobles live in the Valley of the Nobles. This is the best cemetery after the Kings Valley and Queens Valley, where the nobles follow the kings and priests.

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Luxor may be a town on the east bank of the Nile River in southern Egypt. It's on the positioning of ancient Thebes, the pharaohs’ capital at the peak of their power, throughout the 16th–11th centuries B.C. Today's town...

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This city is the largest administrative and industrial settlement in the era of the Egyptian Empire on the West Bank of Luxor, where houses were found in the city, the height of some of its walls reaching about 3 meters,...

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We can find a huge collection of archaeological pieces scattered along the esplanade that forms a part of the museum, these pieces are a reflection of the architectural history of the temple of Amon. These objects found...

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Luxor is a city rich in history and home to several museums that provide insight into its ancient past. Some of the museums you can visit in Luxor include:

Luxor Museum: This renowned museum houses a remarkable collection of artifacts from Luxor and the surrounding areas. It features items from various historical periods, including the New Kingdom, and showcases statues, jewelry, pottery, and more.

Mummification Museum: Located on the Corniche along the Nile, this museum focuses on the fascinating process of mummification in ancient Egypt. It displays mummification tools, techniques, and even mummified animals.

Theban Mapping Project Visitor Center: This center offers a wealth of information about the archaeological work in the Valley of the Kings and other sites on the West Bank of Luxor. It's a valuable resource for those interested in Egyptology and ongoing excavations.

Luxor Art Gallery: If you're interested in contemporary Egyptian art, the Luxor Art Gallery features works by local artists. It's a great place to explore modern Egyptian artistic expressions.

Luxor African Film Festival Center: This center hosts events and exhibitions related to the Luxor African Film Festival, showcasing the diverse cinema of the African continent.

The Karnak Open-Air Museum: While not a traditional museum, the Karnak Open-Air Museum is located within the Karnak Temple complex and houses a collection of statues and artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations at the site.

Pilots try to land their planes on nice, smooth areas that don't have any obstacles. This makes the landing feel really gentle and not bumpy. But sometimes, if the wind gets stronger, changes direction, or if the ground is bumpy unexpectedly, the pilots might not be able to find a nice place to land.

Taking a hot-air balloon ride over Luxor is a popular and breathtaking experience that offers panoramic views of Luxor's historical treasures and the stunning landscapes of the Nile River and its surroundings. However, Luxor and Cairo are located in different regions of Egypt, and Luxor is not easily accessible for a day trip from Cairo. Here are some key points to consider:

Distance: Luxor is situated in Upper Egypt, south of Cairo. The distance between the two cities is significant, and it typically requires a domestic flight to travel from Cairo to Luxor.

Time: A one-day trip from Cairo to Luxor, including a hot air balloon ride, would be extremely rushed and may not allow for a meaningful and enjoyable experience. Luxor deserves more time to explore its historical sites.

Logistics: To take a hot air balloon ride in Luxor, it's recommended to stay in Luxor or nearby cities and book the balloon ride as part of a more extended visit. Balloon rides are typically scheduled early in the morning, and it may not be feasible to travel from Cairo in time for the ride.

Multiple-Day Tour: If you are interested in experiencing Luxor, its archaeological sites, and a hot-air balloon ride, consider booking a multi-day tour that starts in Luxor and includes all the attractions you want to visit.

Some tours may include stops at local markets or shopping areas, while others focus solely on guided sightseeing. Be sure to check the itinerary.

In Luxor, while the bustling markets might not be as prominent as in some other Egyptian cities, there are a few places where tourists can explore and experience the local market atmosphere:

  •     Luxor Souq (Market).
  •     Al-Sahaby Lane.
  •     Luxor Street Market.
  •     Habiba Gallery.

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