Discover Egypt's hidden treasures on a 13-day budget tour!

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If you're looking for an amazing and affordable way to see some of the most incredible sights in Egypt with our Egypt trips, then, this 13-day budget tour is definitely for you!

This tour takes you to all of the major highlights of the country, including the Great Pyramids of Giza with our Cairo day tours, the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak, and more with our Luxor day tours.

You'll also get to experience the amazing culture and history of Egypt firsthand, through traditional food, music, and dance.

When you book with Egypt budget tours, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible price for your tour. We work hard to find the most affordable tours available, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible value for your money.

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  • Taxes and fees in full.
  • All of the Sites Mentioned Charge Admission.
  • Private Transfer in a Contemporary A/C Car.
  • 4 days of lodging in Cairo Pyramids Hotel.
  • Camping for two days in the pristine desert.
  • 3 days of lodging in a 5-star hotel in Siwa.
  • 3 nights lodging in a 5-star hotel in Alexandria.
  • 1 day of lodging at a five-star hotel in Marsa Matruh
  • Meals are available as noted in the itinerary of the tour.
  • Service of Pickup and Dropoff at Cairo International Airport.
  • tour guides who are expert Egyptologists in English.
  • airfare for travel abroad.
  • Entry visa for Egypt.
  • Anything Else Not Listed On The Itinerary.
  • Tipping.
  • drinking while eating
  • Peak travel times, such as Christmas and New Year, as well as Egypt Easter tours, are exempt from the tour price.

In order to make arrangements for the following day's trip, our knowledgeable Egypt tours tour guide will pick you up from the Cairo International Airport and drive you directly to your hotel in Cairo in a private AC vehicle.

Day meals: a welcome beverage and lunch.

Enjoy your meal first thing the next morning before traveling to the Pyramids of Giza: Due to its height and excellent craftsmanship, the pyramid was added to the list of the seven wonders of the world. Its sides are each 231 meters tall, and its overall structure weighs 6 million tonnes. Each brick in the pyramid weighs 2.5 tonnes. The pyramids are situated on the western bank of the Nile River, in the Egyptian city of Giza. The Sphinx, a mythical guardian with a lion's body and king Chephren's head that watches over a large burial complex, can also be seen up close at this location.

A complete meal is supplied for each guest at a local restaurant for lunch in between visits; however, drinks are not included.

 then we will visit the Egyptian Museum: The Narmer Stela, which commemorates the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under one king, is one of the museum's priceless artifacts and is included in the museum's unparalleled collections along with the funerary collection of Yuya and Thuya, Psusennes I, and the Treasures of Tanis. Impressive statues of the ancient monarchs Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, who constructed the pyramids on the Giza plateau, are also on display in the museum. Along with a sizable collection of papyri, this museum's unique collection also includes coffins and ornaments.

transfer back again to have your overnight.


Your tour guide will pick you up from your Cairo hotel in the early morning and drive you to Bahariya Oasis, which is located around 360 kilometres to the east of Cairo. After travelling for almost 4 hours, we stop for lunch at Bahariya oasis. Continue on to the Black Desert and El Haize (St. George Oasis), then drive to Crystal Mountain to observe the quartz crystal, and the Valley of Agabat to admire the geological formations.

Continue travelling until you reach the White Desert National Park, which is Egypt's most well-known desert attraction. No other desert in the world has as many otherworldly and stunning wind-carved rock formations fashioned like enormous mushrooms or stones. Then, depending on the possibility, camp in the white desert or spend the night at the hotel.

After breakfast at the campsite, travel to Bahariya Oasis to see the golden mummy display room, two noble tombs from the 26th dynasty, which are part of a large burial complex there, as well as the Tomb of Bannantiu. You will then take pleasure in hiking the Black Mountain. Before you take a trip back to Cairo, enjoy lunch at the Bahariya oasis.

a driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Giza or Cairo and take you to Fayoum, where you will find the Fayoum Oasis.

first, we will visit The Kom Aushim Museum which is A good place to find guides for all of Fayoum is the museum. The Museum was first built in 1974. It displays artifacts from the Prehistoric to Roman Eras, and it also displays Fayoum. Portrait
One of the largest Greco-Roman cities in the Fayoum is Karanis (The Lord's Town). 

Lunch will be served on Qarun lake which is named for the King who was buried with all of his gold and riches in a wadi.

after that we will visit Waterfall and Wadi El Rayan which is a depression that extends 673 kilometers and is 42 meters below sea level.
When this depression was connected to Qarun Lake by underground pipes, it was transformed into a water reservoir in 1966.
After exploring the Lake, take a drive to Cairo.

At 7:00 am, a representative from Cairo Top Tours will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo and take you on a fantastic day excursion to Alexandria. First, go to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a significant library and cultural hub on the Mediterranean coast. After that, proceed to the Royal Jewelry Museum in Zizenia before going to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Your guide will transfer you to your hotel in Alexandria once your first day in Alexandria is through.

You will be picked up from your hotel by our guide to begin a new day at Pompey's Pillar, which was built at the end of the 4th century in honour of the Emperor Diocletian. It was originally a beautiful building that rivalled the Soma and the Caesarean, the Serapis temple. The largest Roman cemetery, the Catacombs at Kom el Shoqafa are the next place you drive to see. They have three levels cut into the rock. Lunch at a neighbourhood eatery in Alexandria is followed by a visit to the Qaitbay Citadel, which was constructed on the site of a former pharaoh's lighthouse. then make your way back to your Cairo hotel.

Our professional tour guide will pick you up from your Alexandria lodging at 7:00 am and take you to El-Alamein, which is located 240 kilometres northwest of Cairo and 106 kilometres west of Alexandria. Visit the war museum and the cemetery, also known as the Commonwealth Cemetery, which houses the graves of troops from several countries who perished in the fight, as your first stops on your sightseeing tour after arriving in El-Alamein.

On this tour, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Second World War and other relevant historical events from our knowledgeable tour guide because El-Alamein was one of the most significant locations throughout the conflict.

After that, we'll start the journey to your accommodation in Marsa Matruh.

After meeting with our tour guide, we head for Marsa Matrouh on Egypt's Mediterranean coast. Due of its pristine white sand beaches and tranquil waters, many people believe that Cleopatra herself swam in Marsa Matrouh. We're staying the night at the Ghaliet Ecolodge & Spa,siwa hotel and taking a bath in the Mediterranean Sea as well.

Hotel breakfast is available. Pickup from the hotel begins at 7:00 am. Let's start with the Temple of the Oracle, popularly known as the Alexander the Great Temple. The Siwan oracle is thought to have been consulted by Alexander the Great in order to affirm that he was Zeus' son. The Greek creator deity,
Next, go to the salty lake. You can float in the salty water without having to be a strong swimmer. Be careful when swimming and avoid letting the water go in your eyes. Pick the clearest lake; you'll be able to tell it's the purest one when you can see the bottom.

next head to The Spring of the Sun, Cleopatra's bath. According to mythology, Cleopatra once swam here.

Take a break for lunch and eat some Siwanie cuisine in a Siwan restaurant.

then we return you to siwa hotel to overnight

after breakfast, we will Go to the Great Sand Sea after that. Have an adventure in the desert by discovering it via Jeep 4x4 and enjoying sandboarding. Here, close to Siwa Oasis, in the Great Sand Sea, are Egypt's best sand dunes for sand boarding.

Visit Bir Waheed's hot and cold springs after that, and at dusk, sip some traditional Bedouin tea.
assemble our camp. Dinner and a night's stay in a hotel in Swia.

After breakfast at the hotel, go to Shali Fort, which is situated on a hill inside a protective wall. For over eight centuries, the residents of the oasis were served by the complex of mud-brick buildings that make up the fortress. The occupants had to share their animals, which were herded inside the stronghold each evening while they lived in the cramped quarters.
Then travel to the conical Mountain of the Dead, which is located just over a kilometer north of Shali. There are four tombs at Gebel Al Mawta that you must see. They are cut into the side of the mountain and date from the 26th Dynasty, Ptolemaic, and Roman periods. The most exquisite tomb is that of Si Amun.

later returning to Cairo

After breakfast, your tour guide will drive you to your accommodation in Alexandria. Our next trip will be the Alexandria Museum, the earliest museum in the country and home to more than 200,000 items. All eras of Egyptian history, from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Empire, are represented in the museum's collection.

Then, after stopping for lunch at a close-by restaurant, we'll return you to your hotel and overnight.

Take your breakfast, then travel to the international airport in Cairo to catch your flight, marking the end of our service.

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