11 days honeymoon packages in Sharm from Cairo

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11 days honeymoon packages in Sharm from Cairo

Spend a charming 11 days with your life partner on your honeymoon holiday on the land of the ancient Egyptians between the tombs deserts and the blue waters of the beach, from the pyramids to the Sharm el Sheikh tour. by visiting Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh attractions.

There is a special museum called the Valley Of The Kings where you can learn about how people lived a very long time ago. It's really interesting because you can read about them and discover things that they kept secret. They lived in a different way than we do now, and it's really cool to see and learn about how they lived.


Meet the expert Cairo Top Tours tour leaders at airports.

have 5 nights at Sharm, and 5 nights in Cairo in a 5-star hotel with breakfast.

flight tickets from Cairo to Sharm, and back again from Sharm to Cairo.

Entrance tickets to all sites are mentioned in the itinerary. 

Egyptian food lunch meals.

All transports are by a private nonsmoking air-conditioned vehicle.

water bottle during all your excursions in Egypt.

Expert tour guide.

All taxes and charges are in all of our Tour Packages in Egypt.


Tipping in your tours in Cairo.

International flight tickets.

extra drinks during meals.

any personal expenses 

when your airplane reaches safely our Cairo international airport you will meet our expert Egypt tours tour guide who will take you to your 5-star hotel with your loved one by a private AC car to have your first overnight in a calm, lovely and chilling moments together and then to get ready for the next day's journey. of the 11 days honeymoon packages in Sharm from Cairo.

At your wake-up moment, you will have your breakfast at the hotel then set up yourself to start the trip with your life partner as you will be taken by the private wheels to the first site which is:

The Giza pyramids and the Sphinx.

The world-known wonder is the pyramids of Giza which are located at the end of Al Ahram street, it was built by the pharaohs for a very long time even before the birth of Jesus and still, most of these three pyramids have not been discovered,  and they are protected by the great sphinx which was built to scare the robbers who rob the jewelers of the kings in their tombs.


the ancient capital of Egypt that has the famous ruins of the Alabaster of Ramsees ||, it is located at Mit Rahina.

the Saqqara pyramid.

Saqqara pyramid or as known as the step pyramid for king Djoser the first pyramid ever for the father of Khufu, Chephren, and Mycrenis. It is called the step pyramid according to its base shape looks like 6 steps.

then it's time for a tasty lunch in a restaurant then transfer by the air conditioner coach to the hotels to have your second overnight in Cairo.


On the third day of your 11 days honeymoon packages in Sharm from the Cairo tour you will be taken to the :

the Egyptian museum.

 The largest museum in the middle east and Africa with the rarest and biggest collection of Egyptian antiques, coffins of the kings from the past, and all the history of all ages in Egypt.

the last spot of the trip in Cairo attractions is Saladin castle.

was built under the order of Saladin to protect the city from European attacks, Today it is one of the main tourist attractions of Cairo and offers privileged views of the city.

Then have your delicious lunch in an oriental restaurant with the local Egyptian people. then transfer by the wheels to your hotel.

for the last day in the Cairo attractions, we got an optional tour in Alexandria city to have a day in its Attractions, that will begin with.

Kom Ash Shouqafa.

The catacombs of Kom al-Shuqafa are a historical archaeological site located in Alexandria, these tombs were excavated within the mother rock at the time of Emperor Aurelius, within the second century A.D.

Pompey's Pillar.

The pillar of Pompey is associated fine arts marvel settled amidst the ruins of the Serapeum within the Egyptian coastal town of Alexandria. it's one of the most important places of Antiquity.

Qitbay castle.

it is considered one of the most important defensive fortresses, not only in Egypt but also along the Mediterranean coast.

then travel all the way back again to your hotels for the last overnight in Cairo. but before you go you will have your sea food meal lunch 

On day 5: set up yourself and your luggage to fly all the way to Sharm El Sheikh then once when you land at the Sharm El Sheikh international airport you will be taken by our AC Coach to the 5-star hotel. to spend a charming overnight with your loved one.

optional tours for your 11 days honeymoon packages in Sharm from Cairo:

Dolphin Show in Sharm El Sheikh.

spend 4 hours with the dolphins with your soul mate and see a show of highly trained dolphins. 

 Albatros Aquapark Trip from Sharm El Sheikh:

Enjoy unlimited fun with great slides in the water and have romantic moments that you will never forget of your honeymoon.


seventh day of 11 days honeymoon packages in Sharm from Cairo. have the adventure optional tours with Cairo top tours.

Colored Canyon and Mount Sinai Safari Trip from Sharm El Sheikh:

Have a true adventure on a safari trip, and escape with your life partner away from any pressure. 

Quad biking and Camel safari in Sharm El Sheikh:

Have a safari trip and witness the sunrise or the sunset in the deserts.


an optional tour under the sea waters with beautiful marines. 

Glass Boat Trip in Sharm El Sheikh:

witness the beautiful colors and the amazing creatures of the sea. 

On the day: 9 have the optional tour. 

Mount Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery Tour from Sharm El Sheikh:

Enjoy a climbing adventure with your loved one on the ice around you with very romantic vibes.

set up yourself for the last overnight in Sharm el Sheikh and get some rest with your partner in the comfortable 5-star hotel.

Fly back to Cairo from the early morning after having your breakfast to catch your flight from the airport as you will be taken to the airport with a private AC coach.

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Khafre's Valley temple is an ancient building still in good condition. It was made with really big blocks of stone covered in a special kind of rock, and the floors were shiny and white.


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