MS Nile Premium cruise from Aswan to luxor

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Embark on a captivating Nile cruise tour with our Egypt Tours package, blending luxury and cultural immersion. Cruise along the fabled Nile River aboard the MS Premium boat, visiting iconic attractions like Luxor and Karnak Temples. Experience the warmth of the sun on the Nile's surface as you explore Aswan's High Dam and Philae Temple. Discover the captivating past and natural beauty of Egypt on this unforgettable journey.

  • Transportation in a private nonsmoking air-conditioned coach during your tours in Egypt
  • All Egypt Nile Cruise Tours mentioned in the itinerary are privately guided tours.
  • Admission fees and tickets to the various sites in Luxor and Aswan during Egypt Tours Packages.
  • A private professional Egyptologist guide will accompany you during all Luxor Sightseeing Tours and Excursions in Aswan.
  • Stops for snacks upon request.
  • A soft drink in a local Cafe during Egypt Day Tours. ( if we have time )
  • The price of your Egypt Tours includes all service charges and taxes.
  • Shopping tours during the Aswan Sightseeing Tours and Excursions in Luxor. 
  • Any optional Egypt Day Tours or activities.
  • Tipping is not included in the prices.
  • Personal expenses.

Enjoy 4 days on the MS Nile premium cruise from Aswan to Luxor Egypt tour, start your first day when you reach Aswan international airport and meet your tour leader, who will take you to the board then to visit the first site:

High Dam.

The high dam is a great dam and one of the largest on our planet that generates a huge amount of electricity that allows Egypt to export abroad the excess electricity, which increases Egypt's economy.

unfinished obelisk.

This obelisk was about to come out completely from the rock but cracks happened on the earth's crust that had the ancient Egyptian stop the work right away and then they figured out that this rock is somehow connected to the parent rock of the earth.

Philae temple.

it was the last temple that got built on the ancient classical design, they built it to honor the god Isis. When you get there you will find the story of Isis and Osiris on its walls Book now to witness it with your own eyes.

back again to your MS Premium to have your lunch and to get deep sleep at the end of the day while sailing to Edfu city.

- Meals: lunch, dinner

On the second day of the trip, have your breakfast then our professional Cairo top tours tour leader will take you to:

Kom Ombo temple.

it was built during the Ruman innovation, its site is what makes it special as it is in the middle of the water between Aswan and Edfu city.

then sail all the way after your visit is done and Stop At Edfu.

then have your lunch on board the MS Premium Nile cruise. then have your overnight.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Start your third day of the 4 days on the MS Nile premium cruise from Aswan to Luxor tour with breakfast in the morning and then have a visit to :

Edfu temple.

 the city of Edfu was renamed Apollonopolis Magna during Greco-Roman rule in Egypt, and the temple was built to honor the god Horus the son of Isis and Osiris. 

then have your tasty lunch. when the tour is over.

You can have a sound and light show at Karnak temple optional tour.

On the fourth day of the trip, you will enjoy sightseeing on both banks of the Nile river and you will start your visits with the west bank of luxor:

The Valley of kings.

The valley of kings is a wide area full of bodies of the ancient kings, and they decided to bury them in a place that no one can find and rob them. like the other tombs.

the colossi of Memnon.

These two huge statues were built to give a definition of the reborn, as they got rebuilt multiple times.

east bank of luxor

visits the Karnak temple.

it was built by the orders of ramsses||| it was dedicated to the Theban triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu

luxor temple 

it was built under the orders of king Amenhotep |||, it was built right next to the immortal Nile river parallel to the bank.

then you will have time for the last tour but this one is an optional 

hot air balloon tour. then you will be taken to luxor international airport where our services of 4 days MS Nile premium cruise from Aswan to Luxor Egypt tour will be over.

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