Discover Egypt's Cultural Attractions in 10 Days

If you have ten free days, our cultural holiday is ready for you to see Egypt's cultural sightseeing and travel back in time to a time when history was made and eternal monuments and artefacts were produced over more than 4500 years from the creativity of ancient Egyptians. The heavenly distinct atmosphere of a cultural holiday may be appreciated by a sincere traveller.

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Cairo, Luxor , Aswan,fayoum


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Egypt, a small slice of paradise that may be easily explored with our reasoning senses and a vast, everlasting site of world heritage Egypt Itinerary 9 nights and 10 days. Experience the pinnacle of tranquillity and mental peace while seeing Egypt with our Egypt travel packages.

With our 10-day Egypt group tours, you can only scratch the surface of the experience as you discover Egypt's biggest archaeological sites around Luxor and Aswan while boarding our Nile cruise and cruising on the magnificent Nile River with our Egypt nile cruise tours. enjoying our exciting, Egypt desert safari tours while learning about lesser-known places and activities. Enjoy the fayoum sities while you unwind. We would want to include you on one of our 10-day Egypt itineraries tours.

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An representative of "cairo top Tours" will assist you with completing all passport check procedures as well as luggage identification and carrying when you arrive at Cairo Airport. After that, a private air-conditioned car will transport you to your reserved 5-star hotel where you may check in and unwind for the night.

After a delicious breakfast on the second day, your tour leader will transport you to your tour guide so you may learn about the heights of ancient Egyptian civilization and visit some of Egypt's most well-known tourist attractions, such as:

Egyptian Pyramids in Giza
With a lifespan of more than 4,000 years, the Giza pyramid complex stands as the height of the fame of ancient Egypt. Three main pyramids, six minor pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and the Everlasting Valley Temple are all part of the Giza complex.

The great Pyramid.
The Great Pyramid is the only remaining building from the time when man could reach the sky and create the seven marvels of the ancient world. With the aid of 2,300,000 limestone blocks, each weighing 2.5 tonnes, and a workforce of over 100,000 free skilled labourers over the course of 20 years, the Great Pyramid was constructed in 2580 BC. The Lincoln Cathedral in England was built in 1311, surpassing the pyramid's height of 147 metres (481 feet), which made it the highest building in the world for 3800 years. Everyone on the plant has been intrigued by its sophisticated, complicated interior and mysterious origin to this day.

The great Giza Sphinx
Formerly known as "Hor-Em-Akhet," which translates to "Horus of the Horizon," the Great Sphinx is now referred to as Abu al-Hawl, which in modern Arabic means "The Father of Terror." Its design is based on the sphinx, a mythical creature with a lion's body and a man's head who is said to symbolise King Khafre as a symbol of his power and wisdom. The sphinx is carved out of a massive single limestone rock and is 73 metres (240 feet) tall and 19 metres (60 feet) wide (66 feet).

Temple in the Valley
In the complex where the mummification procedure was carried out during the Old Kingdom of Egypt, the Valley Temple was constructed (2686 2134 BC). Due to the ancient Egyptians' skill in building, the valley is a particularly well-preserved archaeological site and has been the source of crucial knowledge on the mummification procedure and ancient Egyptian burial rites.

Your tour guide will take you on a spectacular tour of the following after a delicious lunch at a restaurant with a view of the pyramids,We'll stop by the Egyptian Museum to discover more about the fascinating history of the nation, and then we'll head to Cairo's Old City to explore Khan El Khalili, a bazaar filled with gift stores, cafés, and shisha bars.

after breakfast, our tour guide will collect you up from your hotel to take you to some of old Cairo's most beautiful sights, such as:

Church of the Hanging
Since it is one of Egypt's oldest, most significant, and well-known churches and has long served as the Coptic patriarch's residence, The Virgin Mary's Holy Church, also known as The Hanging Church, is at the centre of Cairo's Coptic heritage. The holy family sought refuge in this structure, which was built in the fifth century AD on the southern wall of a Roman fortification called Babylon. The hanging church is 30 feet tall and incredibly gorgeous on the inside and exterior, blending inventive architectural elements from the seventh to the thirteenth century.

Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque
Built in 641 AD and still serving as a place of worship today, it is the origin of Egypt's Islamic history and one of Egypt's most significant and known Islamic landmarks. The Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque has undergone multiple restorations throughout the years, acting as a living museum of Islamic architectural development.

Temple of Ben Ezra
A distinctive tourist site is the 19th-century Ben Ezra Synagogue. Up until 882 AD, when it underwent conversion to become a synagogue, it operated as a church. It was discovered that the synagogue was in wonderful condition and featured amazing Jewish patterns and decorations. for a long time, up to the 1950s.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar
A stunning example of a bygone period, the Khan El Khalili Bazaar was constructed around 970 AD and is still in use today. It is known as the "Golden Brick Road" of the Middle East because it contains everything a visitor might desire in its great market and shops, as well as a few historic cafés that capture the classic beauty and refinement of early Islamic culture. Magnificent Islamic ornamentation and architecture line the whole roadway. After that, we'll stop for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Following that, we'll take you to a five-star hotel in Cairo where you'll spend the night.

After breakfast, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo and take you to the airport where you will take a direct flight to Luxor, where you relax on a Nile cruise.first we will visit 

karnak Temple
The Karnak temple was given the names Ipet-isu The Most Selected of Places during its construction and afterwards Pr-Imn House of Amon, implying that it was the cradle of ancient Egyptian religion. Over the course of more than 1500 years, it has served as the primary place of worship for a variety of gods, including Osiris, Ptah, and Isis. However, the complex was primarily devoted to the Theban triad, which consisted of God Amun, his wife the Goddess of Justice Mut, and his son the moon god Khnsou.

After returning to the Nile Cruise for lunch, you'll spend the afternoon and evening touring, visiting:

 Luxor temple
Every night in Luxor Temple, a lunar miracle takes place when the moon illuminates the whole structure, revealing its charm and mystery. Its name, "Ipetresyet," which means "southern sanctuary," was given to it when it was constructed in 1400 BCE, under the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. The amazing design of the temple has pillars and extensive ornamentation that seem even more beautiful at night. It was dedicated to the Theban Triad deity Amun, who stands for the restoration of regal power.

You'll then head back to your ship to spend the night.

After breakfast on the boat, follow your tour guide to some of Luxor's most breathtaking tourist attractions, including:

 Valley of kings
The best kings and queens of Egypt enter the reed fields through the Valley of the Monarchs (1570-1070 BC). The valley is home to 63 tombs, including those of the pharaohs Rameses (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X), Amenhotep I, Hatshepsut, and Tutankhamun, whose tomb is second only to Ramses the Great in terms of visitor traffic. The Valley was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

The Hatshepsut Temple
The magnificent Hatshepsut Temple, also known as Djoser-"Holy Djeseru's of Holies," is an homage to Queen Hatshepsut, one of the most renowned kings of ancient Egypt. The temple was built in 1479 BC of the new kingdom and took 15 years to complete. It was dedicated to the creator deity Amun and Hatshepsut's immortal legacy. The temple's stunning Classical Architecture, based on the design of the New Kingdom, displays some of the most magnificent artefacts and sculptures from ancient Egypt.

The Colossi of memnon
The two enormous quartzite sandstone stones known as the Huge Colossi of Memnon, each weighing 720 tonnes, were fashioned after Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1386-1350). A significant earthquake in 27 BC destroyed them, and they were rebuilt in 199 AD. The Vocal Memnon phenomena, which was simply the sound of wind flowing through the statue at dawn, gave rise to the statues' tremendous fame throughout the Greco-Roman Empire. You'll then get back to your cruise.

The rest of the day and lunch will be spent on board your Nile Cruise.

You'll meet your tour guide after breakfast on your Nile Cruise to visit the impressive: The Kom Ombo Temple Between 205 and 180 BC, under Ptolemy V's rule, the Greco-Roman era saw the construction of Kom Ombo, which meaning "Golden Hill." Horus, the falcon sky god and protector of kings and queens, and Sobek, the crocodile deity and patron of fertility, are represented in opposite but very identical portions of the temple. After lunch, you'll return to your Nile Cruise and keep sailing until you reach Luxor.

Your journey will start after breakfast when you wake up and get ready to tour one of Egypt's most magnificent temples, which is:

Temple in Edfu
The Edfu Temple was one of the last temples built during the Ptolemaic era, which lasted from 237 BC to 57 BC, to serve as the official temple of the sky god Horus. It was one of the final temples ever constructed for the sky deity Horus to serve as his official place of devotion from 237 BC to 57 BC. It was built on the same spot where the battle between Horus and the evil deity Set occurred, according to the Osiris Myth. The interior and exterior of the Edfu Temple are remarkable examples of the skillful fusion of Greek and Egyptian design.

next we'll check out some of Aswan's most breathtaking tourist attractions, like:

High Dam

The High Dam, constructed in conjunction with the Hydro Project Institute in Moscow between 1960 and 1970 to better control Nile floods, produce hydroelectricity, and improve water storage for agriculture, is a tribute to Egypt's unwavering resolve and brilliance.

The Completed Obelisk
The incomplete obelisk, also called "Tekhenu," which means "to pierce the sky," was built by Queen Hatshepsut at the entrance to the Karnak temple (1508-1458 BC). Since they would have weighed 1200 tonnes and stood 42 metres tall if they hadn't been broken during construction, it illustrates how obelisks were made. The obelisk was unfortunately damaged during construction and is still in the same location.

The Philae Temple
In the well-known "Myth of Isis & Osiris," Isis' husband "Osiris" is brutally murdered by his desert god brother Set out of retaliation. Osiris is then raised from the dead to rule the underworld, and Hours the falcon sky God, the son of Isis & Osiris, defeats Set to usher in a new era of prosperity and justice, which is commemorated at Philea Temple. The temple was relocated to the island of Agilkia in the 1960s as part of a UNESCO-led rescue effort.

You'll then return to the Nile Cruise for lunch before continuing on to Aswan, the city of the perpetual light.

Following your breakfast boxes, you will meet your tour guide and depart early to go to the southwest of Aswan to see:

The Abu Simbel temples
Since Ramses the Great constructed it on the southern boundary protecting the gates of heaven, the Abu Simbel temple, also known as the "Temple of Ramesses, treasured by Amun," has been a place of magnificence and fascination (1279-1213 BCE).

Every year on February 22 and October 22, Ramses II, Ptah (the God of Creation), Amun (the Creator God), and Ra (the Solar God) are shown in sitting statues during the sun festival. A second, smaller temple is devoted to Ramses II's devoted wife Queen Nefertari. A UNESCO-led rescue operation had the temple as its main point in the middle of the 1960s.

After that, we'll return you to Aswan where you may spend the night on a Nile cruise.

our representative will take you up from your accommodation in Cairo. At your hotel in Cairo, board a private van. Travel 105 kilometres southwest of Cairo in comfort to reach Fayoum. Arrive at the dry oasis of Fayoum Oasis, then visit Quaroun Lake to observe the birds. Discover more about the historic city of Karanis by perusing the collection of sculptures and Roman portraits in the Fayoum Museum. Fayoum is roughly 95 kilometres from Cairo. 

proceed to Wadi Al Ryan Water Falls after that. A natural depression called Wadi El Rayan, 42 metres below sea level, may be found in the western desert. The only waterfalls in Egypt may be found at Wadi Rayan, which is made up of two lakes. It was created in 1970 as a result of an overflow of drainage water from the Fayoum farmlands. Sandboarding is fun in Fayom. At a high calibre restaurant, late lunch will be provided. Transfer back to Cairo after that.

our representative will take you up from your accommodation in Cairo.
Your 10-day cultural tour holiday comes to an end on the final day in Egypt, when you will eat your final breakfast before departing for the Cairo airport and flying safely home with the fondest memories. If you have any ideas for adding or removing trips from your itinerary, do let us know so that we may better suit your needs.

What is included?

  • Airport meet-and-greet service in Cairo.
  • 6 days of accommodation at Cairo Pyramids Hotel.
  • 4 nights of accommodation on a 5-star Nile cruise.
  •  Domestic Tickets from (Cairo – Luxor).
  • Tickets for domestic flights from Luxor to Cairo.
  • a personal tour guide for the duration of your trip.
  • Every transport will take place in a personal AC car.
  • All of the locations on the itinerary have admission fees.
  • meals that are specified in the trip schedule.
  • all fees and taxes.

What is Excluded?

  • airfare for international travel.
  • entrance visa for Egypt.
  • Tipping.
  • Nothing else has been mentioned so far.

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