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15 Days Cheap Holiday to Egypt 2023

This Egypt Budget Tour will let you explore all of Egypt Tours on a budget. And we have also more admirable tours in Egypt Travel Packages where you will get to learn more about the country and its attractions. In this package, you will visit most of our landmarks in Cairo, Giza, El Ain El Sokhna, The White Desert, Al Baharya Oasis, Luxor, and Aswan and explore with your private tour guide more about the history of them and their stories. Book now!!


Airport meet-and-greet service in Cairo.

all fees and taxes.

7 days stay at Cairo Pyramids Hotel.

4 days of accommodation on a 5-star Nile cruise.

2 days and 1-night stay at Sokhna hotel

2 days of camping at white desert

 Domestic Tickets from (Cairo – Luxor).

Tickets for domestic flights from Luxor to Cairo.

a personal tour guide for the duration of your trip.

Every transport will take place in a personal AC car.

All of the locations on the itinerary have admission fees.

meals that are specified in the trip schedule.


Airfare for international travel.

Entrance visa for Egypt.


Nothing else has been mentioned so far

Our tour guide will meet you at Cairo international airport and take you in a private car to your hotel where you can have a rest and get a delicious meal to start your next day with full energy recharged.

After a nice warm meal, you will start your journey by visiting the great pyramids of Giza and you will see The great Sphnix It is a statue of a human head and the body of a lion that was carved into one rock next to the pyramids, to guard it. Some archaeologists say that the stone that was used to carve the Sphinx is not one of the stones found in Egypt, meaning it was brought as one piece and carved next to the pyramids.

After that, you have lunch in the view of the great ancient pyramids

Then we will move to Dahshur which is near to the Giza pyramids and there you will see pyramids too The village of Dahshur it was Built during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu, the Bent Pyramid clearly marks a shift away from the traditional “stepped” pyramid design.

Then you will be back in a private car to have your dinner and spend the night there.

After getting up and having your breakfast you will get ready for our next adventure 

First, we will go and visit The National Museum of Civilization you will see The Central exhibition hall (the heart of the museum)The central exhibition hall includes the main display of the museum, and the visitor can get an integrated idea of ​​the Egyptian civilization and its most important achievements through its various eras, starting from prehistoric times and passing through the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras, and all the way to the modern and contemporary era, in addition to the traditional culture inherited by the Egyptians. Or what is known as the popular heritage.

Then you will have lunch in a traditional restaurant nearby the area.

And our tour will be continued to visit Sultan Hassan El Refaai Mosque The building consisted of a mosque and a school for the four schools of thought, "Shafi'i, Hanafi, Maliki and Hanbali", and the sciences of interpretation of the Qur'an, the hadith of the Prophet, the seven readings were also taught there, in addition to two libraries for memorizing the orphans of the Qur'an and teaching them calligraphy.

Then you will back to the hotel to have your dinner and stay there.

After having breakfast you will get ready to reach Luxor you will have some rest and check in at a hotel

Then we will go on a visit to The Karnak Temple is the greatest of the buildings built to worship the deity, and it is located on an area of ​​​​two hundred acres. It includes many facilities and temples, including the great "Temple of Amun-Ra", the temples of "Ptah, Mentu, Khonsu, and Aten", as well as the temples of the goddesses Mut and Abet. Most of these facilities are surrounded by a thick wall of mud bricks with eight gates and it was erected by one of the kings of the Thirtieth Dynasty.

And After this, you will move to the Great Temple of Luxor It was built during the reign of the kings of the Eighteenth Dynasty and the Nineteenth Dynasty. The most important buildings standing in the temple are those built by Kings Amenhotep III and Ramesses II.

and at the end, you will back to the hotel to have your lunch and enjoy the nighttime in Luxor.

Today you will visit the most famous attractions in Luxor at the beginning you will go to the valleys of Kings and Queens first you will see the Valley of Kings The tombs of the Valley of the Kings are similar to each other in their basic parts and in their general shape despite the difference in the details. They are all tombs carved into the rock, underground. They consist of an entrance (door) that leads to a long and narrow corridor consisting of several parts, some of which are stairs, on the walls of this corridor. .then you pass by the Valley of Queens The valley is located near the famous Valley of the Kings, on the west bank of the Nile River in Luxor Governorate (ancient Thebes) in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that the cave gives the dead another life.

After that, you will get a break and have lunch surrounded by historical places.

Then you visit el-Deir el-Bahari is a burial site on the west bank of the Nile opposite the ancient city of Thebes (today's Luxor) and lies north of it. Several tombs carved into the rocks were found in that area, including what was recently found from a cache cemetery in which 40 mummies were found. There are three temples in Deir el-Bahari.

and we will continue to reach the Colossi of Memnon The northern statue became famous after the earthquake, as it used to emit a strange sound whenever the wind passed through it. That is why the Greeks called the two statues “Memnon”, after the legendary Ethiopian hero called “Memnon” who was killed by Achilles, the Greek mythological hero in the Trojan War.

Eventually, you will back to the hotel to have some rest after this long day.

On this day we will end our tour in Luxor by Visiting The great temple of Edfu On the walls of her temple, the legend of the conflict between Horus and Set was recorded, and how Hor Bhaddati, who represented the winged sun disk, overcame Set and his aides, and he helped Horus, the son of Isis, according to the Osiris myth.

then you will Visit the temple of Komombo The temple contains a large collection of historical scenes, including the goddess Maat, the goddess of truth and justice. And a set of ancient surgical and medical tools that were used by the great Egyptian. And a list of Egyptian holidays that were held in the temple.

And all the meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

after having your breakfast and hot drink you will get ready to ride in our private air conditional cars to Aswan where you will see The High Dam Work began on the implementation of the first phase of the dam on January 9, 1960, and it included digging the diversion channel and tunnels, lining them with reinforced concrete, pouring the foundations of the power station, and building the dam up to a level of 130 meters. In mid-May 1964, the river water was diverted to the diversion channel and tunnels, closing the Nile course, and starting to store water by the lake.
then you will go to the unfinished ObeliskThe prevailing belief is that the obelisk was carved during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut, to be installed in the Karnak Temple. Despite this, some opinions say that work on it began during the reign of King Thutmose III.

and we will end our tour in Aswan by enjoying a wonderful Nile sailboat during which you take dozens of happy souvenir photos to the Nubian Village Here you will not wander around the place for a few hours and then go away, but rather reside here and live here in Nubian houses that are pure in shape and style, with a wonderful view and beautiful colors, intended for guests, with all the necessary mechanisms and service facilities, in which the owners receive you with great hospitality, affection and kindness, and a smile that makes its way to your hearts immediately.

Then you will go back to the hotel in Luxor again.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are planned in our program.

After Checking out from the hotel you will ride our prepared cars to catch your flight to Cairo International Airport again to have some relief and rest there to start our next adventure tomorrow.

Starting with some Egyptian breakfast you will get ready for the exciting day in Egypt, and the tour guide will accompany you during the tour.

In Cairo, get in a private van at your hotel. Drive leisurely 105 kilometers southwest of Cairo to Fayoum. An Egyptian city, the capital of Fayoum Governorate. It is divided into two residential neighborhoods separated by the Bahr Youssef Canal, which is in the middle of Fayoum. and when you reach you will start by visiting Lake of Qarun or the pond of Qarun is a lake in the city of Fayoum, Upper Egypt, located northwest of the city of Beni Suef, west of the Nile River, about 50 km away from it. Lake Qarun is located in Fayoum Governorate and is one of the largest natural lakes in Egypt. and you will know some of its histories.

You have a rest to get your lunch and continue the journey 

Then the tour guide will take you to Wadi El Rayan Reserve is located in the southwestern part of Fayoum Governorate. Wadi El Rayan consists of the upper lake, the lower lake, the waterfalls area that connects the two lakes, the Uyun al Rayyan area south of the lower lake, and the Jabal al Rayan area, which is the area surrounding the eyes.

As your driver returns you to your hotel in Cairo, you completed your tour.

After having your Breakfast in the hotel you will ride our private air conditional car to Bahariya Oasis A dinosaur skeleton was found in Bahariya Oasis in 1912 and preserved in the Munich Museum in Germany. However, the museum was destroyed during World War II and most parts of the dinosaur were lost. Some photographs and drawings drawn by the German geologist "Strummer" remain. After that, he found several fossils of it in Marrakesh, Algeria, and Niger, but it is called the Egyptian dinosaur.

and we will continue to reach The White Desert It is called the White Desert because its floor is made of snow-white chalk and is dotted with geological units in the form of chalk columns and mushrooms, formed as a result of wind-sculpting factors, which gives the region a rare geological status.it is classified as a national park reserve according to the classification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner all are prepared during the program.

After this long great simple night in nature, you will back to Cairo to have a nice warm shower and spend the day in the hotel or in your room as you wish.

After getting your breakfast you will get ready to go to El-Ain El-Sokhna in our private comfortable car and after several hours we will Check in at the Stella Di Mare hotel and have some free time to spend as you wish.

After finishing your meal in the grand hotel of Stella di mare you will get ready to have Snorkeling on a boat in the Red Sea and after having a great time in the warm water you will be back to have Lunch and spend the night at the hotel.

After all this fun you will have in El-Ain El-Sokhna you will check out from the hotel and we will transfer you in a private car to Cairo Hotel again to have lunch and spend the day.

We hope you had an unforgettable time in the country of history Egypt Today you will have your Breakfast meal and check out from the hotel then we will take you back to Cairo International airport.

Our Journey is Over.

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